Meet the City of Buckhead

Because of the ongoing incompetence in Atlanta, some in Buckhead want to de-annex and reincorporate as the City of Buckhead.

“It will bankrupt Atlanta,” said Sam Massell, president of the Buckhead Coalition, a business and community group, and a former Atlanta mayor.

Massell and others say talk of creating a city of Buckhead is not a new idea — it is usually discussed around the water cooler but never as an organized effort.

“It was a difficult decision to make, but the financial mismanagement of the city left us no choice,” said John Sherman, the foundation’s president.

Atlanta government has a $60 million budget deficit in its current fiscal cycle and is grappling with a projected shortfall of about $140 million for the fiscal year starting July 1.

City officials blame the problems on the sluggish economy and higher pension, health care and fuel costs. They also admit some budgeting errors and poor long-standing practices contributed to the problems.

Buckhead has over $72 billion worth of assessed property. Wow!


  1. juliobarrios says:

    Other then a few police officers and firemen the rest of that property tax money is shoveled down to the south side of the city.

  2. bsjy says:

    The idea needs to be pushed aggressively in order to get Shirley scared serious about budgetary reform. City pensions should be no more generous than those of major employers like Delta. Out with the pension and in with a 401(k) plan. City functions should be limited to the necessary core and all ancillary functions should be eliminated. Fire, police are core functions, and the rest could be outsourced to private companies. (Most Buckhead neighborhoods already pay off-duty ATL police men to patrol, so some police function has already been outsourced.) Waste Management seems to be able to pick up trash; why is garbage pickup a public job other than to secure a solid block of voters? It is sadly true that most of the ancillary functions are done so poorly they might as well not be done at all. Case in point: building and zoning. Does all the sturm und drang do much more than entertain the planner types who fill up NPU meetings and ZRB meetings? How many times does the developer win? Nearly 100%. Just abandon the attempt and let the various parties sue for redress. It could hardly be less efficient or painful than the current system. Building inspectors do not need to be employed by the city; their function can be handled by the parties related to the construction: the banker financing the deal or the homeowner who will live there. Parks could easily be turned into a non-city function by giving them to a non-profit. No need to have four people working at the Bitsy Grant Tennis Center when only one is needed, unless you wanted to pad the public payrolls with committed voters. In department after department, we could go through and determine why this function is a) even necessary or b) necessarily done by City employees. We could cut that budget 40% inside of six weeks. But Shirley and her pals might not be guaranteed two terms. She was a good mayor for most of one term, and then things broke down. While Shirley used the code word diversity, she tried to cover her tracks by claiming she meant to use it in its original sense rather than its current meaning of African-American. Let’s take her at her word, for the issue is not race but money. Stop wasting so much money! Downsize, privatize, prioritize or we will eventually re-organize.

  3. Rick Day says:

    let me tell you OTP people who have never been to Atlanta City Hall.

    It is a soul sucking building. It sucks the hope out of anyone not ‘on the inside’. The Bureau of Planning is so convoluted that literally one bureaucrat with a hard-on can destroy a business before it can grow. The arbitrary decisions made, and arbitrary decisions leading to appeal denial by the Board of Zoning Adjustments is so unconstitutional, that some of these monkeys should be executed for treason against the people they are supposed to serve.

    And I don’t even advocate the Death Penalty!

    I detest, no, I HATE the City of Atlanta Government.

    “Leaaavvee Rick Aloooooooooonnn”

  4. Ronald Daniels says:

    Not only is there a city known as Buckhead, but the people there hate everyone who thinks they live in Atlanta when they say they live in Buckhead.

  5. liberator says:

    Buckhead didn’t die after all it just moved. Ie.. Fado is re-opened.Steamhouse Lounge re-opens in Midtown in July and Toungue and Groove re-opens soon at the Marta-Lindbergh Plaza next to Taco Mac. Let’s party like it’s 1999! Oh Yeah I meant 2009 sorry Prince!

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Rick, that feeling you derive from the bureaucracy of the City of Atlanta is solely due to the continued corruption and incompetence of a city run 100% by liberal Democrats.

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