Donzella James: God’s People Are Tired Of Suffering

Former state Sen. Donzella James (D – Atlanta) today announced that she had received the endorsement of the Georgia Informer newspaper. The paper boasts a circulation of over 44,000 readers. The paper’s publisher, Herbert Dennard, said he was throwing his paper’s support behind James because he believed she was the best candidate for the job. In a bit of irony though, before moving into Donzella James’ corner, the Georgia Informer named her opponent, 13th district Congressman David Scott, to its “Georgia’s 50 Most Influential Men” list in 2007.

Donzella James, who is making her third bid for Congress, accepted the paper’s endorsement saying that her campaign had taken on a spiritual meaning.

“God’s people are tired of suffering, watching our elected officials do nothing while they loose their homes, pay outrageous gas prices, watch our schools crumble, and continue to lose jobs,” James said.

Despite Congressman Scott having voted with his Democratic colleagues a whopping 97.5% of the time according to the Washington Post’s Congress votes database, James claimed David Scott had a voting record resembling that of a Republican.

“It’s time to vote out the entire [Bush] administration and David Scott is a part of it,” James said. “His voting record resembles that of a Republican and he doesn’t represent our people.”

James and Scott will face off against each other in the July 15th Democratic primary. The winner will then take on Republican Deborah Honeycutt in the November General Election.


  1. JoshLyman says:

    Some people will say and do anything to get elected. She needs to be called out on the carpet for this lie. And someone needs to teach her “lose” vs. “loose”.

  2. Rick Day says:

    Wut? this coming from a woman whose name rhymes with Godzilla ™ ??

    Let me tell you something, honey
    those who turn their back on pompus people and gods like you are yours are tired of the same crap too. So what ya gonna do?

    Bush had a direct line to the Lord ™
    World of good its done us.

    I just wish the duopoly/one government Hydra ™ could be slain by a monster named DonZilla..

    At this point, I’d accept a mighty zombie called Jesus ™ !

  3. jsm says:

    She’s right. This is why those folks are touching their TV screens when Benny Hinn’s on and believing that God is going to bring them wealth while they’re sitting on the couch. Donzella apparently wants to be sure the government helps out with that.

    Suffering affects everybody. The difference each person’s response.

  4. Tekneek says:

    How does she propose to only help “God’s People” anyway? From what I have seen, you can’t generally tell the difference between them out on the street.

  5. Romegaguy says:

    The Georgia Informer (whatever the hell that is) and Andre are the only people “reporting” this.

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