Cheney in Mid-State

I didn’t get to go see my Dark Lord.

Vice President Dick Cheney came to Middle Georgia for a couple of hours Monday, raising more than $100,000 for congressional hopeful and retired Warner Robins Air Logistics Center Commander Rick Goddard.

The vice president appeared at a private fundraiser in Perry, where couples paid as much as $2,300 a couple for a picture with Cheney. Then he was quickly gone, stepping back onto Air Force Two about two hours after he arrived.

It’s okay though. Despite not being able to be in his Presence, we do communicate regularly through the dark side of the Force. I did spend the morning with Darth Rumsfeld a while back.

By the way, I still think this may be a surprise race this year. The national Democrats have decided they don’t care about Marshall because he is not a reliable enough vote and the Republicans are desperate for a win. I think it will be tough — it always is picking off an incumbent, especially for a Republican in this climate. Nonetheless, Goddard is the only one who could do it.


  1. Rick Day says:

    ERic, please arrange a fund raiser with these same rubes and tell them they can have their photo taken with me in my Klingon Battle Armor ™ for half.

    OR for a slightly higher premium, I’ll don a pope outfit, or my spiffy luchadore (wearer of a mexican wrestling mask) outfit.

    I’ll split the take with you.


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