But do we trust them?

I’d normally read a story like this one:

The state Environmental Protection Division recently approved the South Eastern Land Services project, which is seven miles from a planned regional water supply reservoir set to open in 2014. It’s the third such business within a half-mile area.

Officials say the landfills won’t affect the water quality because they aren’t part of the groundwater system and are at least 500 feet from the river. The landfills are for construction waste, including wood, masonry and stonework.

and think, “No big deal. Get over it.” But I’m deeply skeptical of our EPD and even more skeptical of state bureaucracy in general after reading so much this year about the DOT. Are we *sure* the landfill is not part of the groundwater system?


  1. Progressive Dem says:

    It is about time that Republicans began to recognize that protecting the environment is important. Your confidence might rise if you knew the State hired qualified scientists and paid them appropriately. It might also rise if you knew that elected officials would act upon their advice and not try to politicze their work by calling it junk science. It might also help to recognize that government isn’t the enemy. The private market is not going to give us enviornmental protection unless you want to rely upon lawsuits that stem from serious illness, deaths and deformities.

  2. Taft Republican says:

    ProgDem translation: “Spend more taxpayer dollars on unproductive ‘qualified’ scientists who promote political agendas that are roundly disputed and disproved, expand the bureaucratic reach of ‘our friend’ the government, and discard this nasty holdover from the past called ‘free market economics.'”

  3. Progressive Dem says:

    Taft’s Choice: Worry about whether the drinking water is safe.

    Ironically Taft, you may find the Chinese government model a a better fit for your views. They don’t give a shit about the enviornment either and routinely ignore public health and safety.

  4. Progressive Dem says:

    Taft’s Choice: Live in a place where you are uncertain about the safety of the drinking water.

    Taft, you must admire the Chinese government model for their attutude about the environment and public safety.

  5. jsm says:

    “Taft, you must admire the Chinese government model for their attutude about the environment and public safety.”

    The UN seems to.

  6. Tekneek says:

    Silly people, worrying about the quality of the water supply. You should just go buy some bottled water! After all, only the poor care about tap water and we would be better off with them gone!

    This is the Republican view, right?

  7. Tekneek says:

    Oh, right… We don’t want the poor gone, because we need somebody to work for us. We just don’t particularly care if they have health care or clean water.

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