District 50 Open Thread

Three Republicans enter, one exists.

No Democrats involved.

Jim Butterworth
Terry Rogers
Nancy Schaefer (Incumbent)

Have at it.


  1. ConservativeCaucus says:

    LOL Chris. It’s funny, I read the tag line and it didn’t really make sense, but I just moved on. Now I see why it didn’t make sense.

  2. bowersville says:

    I wasn’t at the forum last night in Banks County hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, but my brother was.

    He couldn’t make up his mind whether Nancy Schaefer was tired or mad or both. He said she rambled on and on about the high price of gas, the difficult times, the price of food is too high…(that’s right Nancy tell us something we already know and offer no solutions, it sounds just like you).

    My brother approached Jim Butterworth after the forum and told him he hadn’t made up his mind until he heard him tonight. Jim asked him and the several in the group to call ten people and tell them what you heard, I got one of those phone calls.

    Brother also heard the mumbling in the back after the forum that Rogers has been married multiple times and that Schaefer will beat him in a runoff and I believe he coined a slogan, “A vote for Rogers is a vote for Schaefer, she’ll beat him like a drum.”

    I hope Rogers hasn’t mortgaged the farm.

    If you think you’ve read this comment before, you did, I made the same comment on a different thread last night.

  3. bowersville says:

    Chris, not only do we have wireless Internet access, we’ve got electricity and Internet access in the out house too, what’s the matter with you?

  4. WhoWhatWhen says:

    Terry Rogers seems like a nice enough guy but could someone enlighten me on how on earth he plans to survive a run-off in this u-l-t-r-a conservative district with 3 marriages under his belt? Terry Rogers is defintely pro-marriage and has the credentials to prove it.

  5. bonedog says:

    I keep hearing good things about Jim Butterworth. My Dad has a 4×8 sign up for him in his front yard. He will get my support.

  6. 2135 says:

    I have lived in the district most of my life and have met on seversal occasions all of the candidates. One thing about this race that has stupified me is Senator Schaefers flip flops on whether she is going to run or not. It is my understanding she told one of the candidates she was not going to run and then went back on her word after deciding to leave the race for the 10th congressional seat. Just make up your mind. Word is on the street is she has said she will retire after this term. Why would anyone vote for someone who has announced that they will be a lame duck before the election?

  7. steelfist says:

    WhoWhatWhen and Bowersville – clearly you all support Jimmy and all you do is attack Terry Rogers on the personal level. Can Jimmy not beat Terry Rogers on the issues? Is that why you’ve all resorted to slinging mud? Because your candidate is losing on the ideas. Is that all Jimmy’s got – the two of you to keep recycling old attacks that aren’t sticking?

  8. steelfist says:

    Economic Development/jobs, water management, personal property rights, Georgia’s education system. That’s what people are talking about up here.

  9. Howard Roark says:

    I agree with steelfish concerning campaign issues. Water is my top concern. Having heard all three speak at forums my support will go to Jim Butterworth. Having flown B-1 bombers in the military Jim is a proven leader. To me Jim has the best experience base to do the job as Senator in our district.

    On an aside the RESA district that makes up most of the 50th Senate district is the highest performing in the state in student achievement, Chris Farris.

  10. WhoWhatWhen says:

    Steelfist has taken offense at me pointing out the same minor marriage tidbit that Schaefer is going to 24/7 publicize if Rogers slips into a run-off. I trust Schaefer will elaborate on the finer points of the first two divorces in more detail should she get so lucky.

    Rogers’ constant talk about his ‘5 kids’ that he ‘put through college’ and his ‘conservative values’ has invited interest in his famiy life. While it may be an uncomfortable question for Rogers, Rogers himself has made it a fair question.

    So Steelfist, it’s a pretty simple question and perhaps you’ll answer it on this go round… How can Rogers survive the ultra conservative environment of a GOP run-off with 3 marriages under his belt?

  11. bowersville says:

    Steelfist, don’t lump me in with the ultra social conservative crowd. You are trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole. I simply related a conversation that I had with my brother after the debate, that’s it.

    Terry Rogers has lived in the 50th District for 30 years, he knows how social conservative the district is, or should.

    The number one issue to me is water. Ask yourself this? Who has the experience and has demonstrated an ability to resolve a water issue, Jim Butterworth as Chairman of the Habersham County Commission. What has Terry Rogers done in the last five years, or the last ten years, to address solving any water issue? Hmm? I researched it, nothing that I could find.

    Number 2. Do you think the hospital board, the Economic Development authority, the roads department, the county administrators office, the recreation department, the hospital boards and all the other departments and authorities work in a vacuum? Again who has had experience in working with these entities. Jim Butterworth as chairman of the Habersham County Commission. Again, tell my Roger’s accomplishment in working with these various entities? I couldn’t find any examples.

    Now Steelfist, don’t you think the entire district might just want some one who has demonstrated an ability to get things done on our behalf as a Senator? Are the problems and solutions the same district wide?

    If you want to lay Terry Roger’s credentials out, I’d appreciate it. All I know is what he says and talk is cheap.

    I told Terry myself at the debate in Toccoa, that I was looking for an effective Senator. I go by actions, talk is cheap.

    That’s why I support Jim Butterworth.

  12. bowersville says:


    I don’t want to jump in between you and tripleW, but I was labeled by the likes of tripleW as being pro-abortion when I voiced an exception when the life of the mother was at stake. No amount of explaining that my wife, that’s right, my wife’s life was in danger and the Doctor’s told her there was nothing they could do to induce labor even though she was carrying a dead fetus.

  13. Icarus says:

    I asked the original question because 1) I am curious as to what are the major issues of the day outside of metro atlanta, and 2) I really had assumed that the race was really about who could out “social conservative” the others.

    Situations like what you and your wife went through are rarely talked about, but more common than most people realize. Until they’ve gone through it, or been close to someone who has, they will never understand it.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    “Terry Rogers seems like a nice enough guy but could someone enlighten me on how on earth he plans to survive a run-off in this u-l-t-r-a conservative district with 3 marriages under his belt? ”

    Three marriages under one belt just means Terry LOVES women….and they love him.

  15. WhoWhatWhen says:

    Bill Simon said, “Terry LOVES women….and they love him.” Perhaps Rogers should emblazon that across one of his mailers and see if those women vote Republican. My bet is his rich history is better suited for a Democrat primary.

  16. HLittle says:

    I have talked at length with both Rogers and Butterworth, and have worked with Nancy on several occasions. My personal opinion is Jim Butterworth will carry the day when this election is over. Nancy’s flip flopping on what she would run for has fatally wounded her as far as I can see. Jim’s experience in the military, his service in Habersham county and his more positive attitude put him over the top for me. Posted from the banks of the Savannah River in Savannah, GA. I did remember to blow my candle out when I left the 50th Mr. Farris

  17. bowersville says:

    Nancy Schaefer has put every Republican office holder in the 50th district in a bind because she lied.

    She said privately, that she wouldn’t seek re-election for the 50th Senate. Then she announced publicly she would not seek re-election for the 50th and in the same public announcement she declared she would run for the 10th congressional seat.

    After that, she withdrew from the 10th congressional race with a public announcement because of her husband’s health. Later, she was published saying her husband was up to it and she would seek re-election for the 50th Senate.

    Flip flopper my @ss. That description is too kind.

  18. bowersville says:

    Now she’s saying privately, just one more time.

    After all of her decisions to be out before she was in after she was back out and now back in, she should have bowed out gracefully.

  19. GOPeach says:

    Yeah but you boys quickly forget… A Lady changes her mind about such things… She had a change of heart and I think we need to increase the number of pro-LIFE women in the Senate. She needs to remain as long as she sees fit to stay in there. Ya’ll stop picking on Mrs. Nancy – Ya hear?

  20. Annoyed Dawg says:

    How is Rogers going to survive the three marriages issue? The same way Paul Broun survived the four marriages issue in the same area: talk about how much he hates abortion. Oh, and some sort of wild “finding Jesus” story wouldn’t hurt, either.

  21. WhoWhatWhen says:

    Annoyed Dawg… I don’t think Rogers will walk in Paul Broun’s shoes. Broun’s original ace in the hole was the revved up Democrat voters of Athens and one very helpful Mr. Whitehead who didn’t miss an opportunity to remind Athens they were nothing more than an annoyance. The 50th doesn’t contain not one precinct of Athens liberals and just may be America’s most conservative senate district anywhere.

    Good luck to Mr. Rogers and his freight car full of baggage.

  22. Annoyed Dawg says:

    Yep, I know. I was stupid enough to vote for him and regret it daily.

    However, I remember Broun winning the northern counties in the district, and he has more baggage than Rogers. How did this happen? Exactly like I said. Perhaps bowersville aside, many of his neighbors seem easily distracted by one or two issues (abortion and church going).

  23. WhoWhatWhen says:

    When I heard Rogers questioned about his abortion position, Rogers answered that he was pro-life with exception for life of mother and then added, “Mine has been a constantly evolving position and this is where I am.” He did not elaborate from where his position had evolved or when the evolution occurred.

    Despite this intriguing glimpse into Roger’s stance on abortion, the 3 candidates share positions on abortion and all have church credentials. So Rogers has no advantage.

    Rogers’ rich history will likely cause voters to question whether they want him “Fighting for our conservative North Georgia Values.”

  24. bowersville says:

    Annoyed Dawg,

    Broun kept working the area, it seemed like he was everywhere, 4, 5, 6…..10 places a day talking to anyone that would listen.

    Whitehead stayed home, the Whitehead supporters in my area were over confident believing Whitehead would carry the election based on Columbia County numbers and the large margin over Broun in the special. Democrats voted in the run off here too. I suspect those votes went to Broun.

  25. Annoyed Dawg says:

    In the 10th district, you can’t really write off any area (or most areas). Yeah, Augusta’s got a lot of voters, but they obviously don’t make up the majority. I think this is a good thing overall because it keeps the rest of us from being ignored.

    I’m not saying Rogers will definitely win the seat. I’m just saying that he can overcome his history, as the 2007 election proved.

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