Immigration in Georgia

Bob Griggs suggests Gwinnett County is ignoring state law.

Almost 18 months after Georgia enacted one of the toughest illegal immigration laws in the nation, neither the county nor a single Gwinnett city has fully complied with the new requirements regarding eligibility for public benefits.

S.B. 529, enacted as the “Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act,” went into effect on July 1, 2007. The law requires any employer doing business with a state or local government to verify the eligibility of their new employees through the federal E-Verify system. It also defines several new crimes including trafficking a person for labor servitude, as well as requires jails and prisons to determine the legal status of all arrestees.

But it is the provision regarding eligibility for public benefits that Gwinnett’s cities and county government continue to ignore.


  1. SecretIdentity-NotStevePerkins says:

    How big of a problem are business licenses, actually? I assume that most of the businesses employing illegals are American-owned (could be an invalid assumption, I don’t know). What amuses me is seeing all the advertisements for apartment complexes in south Gwinnett that brazenly advertise, “We accept Tax ID’s!”.

  2. BobG says:

    Illegals holding a business license is not a problem, as far as I know. The business license is just the federally-approved means by which local government can require businesses to verify the employment eligibility of their workers by mandating participation in E-Verify.

    When you sign up for E-Verify, you agree to follow certain rules. Your compliance is monitored not by the local government but by the Feds. The penalties are pretty stiff for hiring an ineligible worker or retaining one after receiving notice of ineligibility.

    Employers will hire and retain fewer illegal workers. As the jobs dry up, the illegal aliens (and their families) will leave. It’s attrition through enforcement.

    As the illegal aliens leave, the uncompensated burden on our public services and facilities will decrease significantly. Fewer aliens in the schools; less money spent on special accommodations. Fewer arrests, fewer aliens to process through 287(g); fewer foreign gang-bangers in our neighborhoods. I could go on.

  3. American worker says:

    Attrition through enforcement is the obvious and untried answer to the crisis, BUT:

    Business licenses are not federally controlled and have no connection to E-Verify, which is a system by which emloyers can verify eligibility to work inthe U.S.

    Business licenses are revenue systems for local governments and are issued in most cases without so much as showing ID. I just did got one.

    If Border Patrol Agents are risking their lives to stop illegals at the border, but we are granting licesnses to do business to them when they get past the BP Agents…not only are we in violation of fed law on “public benefits” ( see 8USC1621) we are also in violation of Chip Rogers law saying we must use SAVE system to verify eligibility.

    The city of Atlanta is NOT using the mandatory SAVE system, but is accepting the Mexican matricula card – needed only by illegals – to grant services.

    WHERE IS THE MEDIA ON THIS? ( rhetorical question – they are intentionally hiding this story because it is counter to their collective agenda)

    How many potential terrorists are setting up shop due to our lack of verification?… I don’t know either,but neither does our open borders government.

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