A Jim Martin Endorsement

From Jim:

I am proud to let you know that in the coming days one of the most prominent grassroots organizations in the country – 21st Century Democrats – will be publicly announcing its endorsement of our campaign. In what could be a low-turnout primary election, I am glad to have the support of such a committed group of grassroots organizers. Because this good news is a direct result of your hard work in support of our campaign, I wanted to let you know first.

In 2006, 21st Century Democrats helped elect John Tester to the U.S. Senate from Montana in an upset victory. Our campaign is one of only a few dozen campaigns across the country that is receiving the organization’s critical backing in 2008.

Not sure it was really because of my hard work, but thanks Jim!


  1. GOPGrassroots says:

    They better get a move on because so far Vernon, Dale, Rand, and Josh have been running circles around the Martin Campaign. Not only are the outworking him, they are running more effective campaigns (with less resources) and have been at it for over a year.

    I’m not sure that all the left wing, liberal, and out of state PACs in the world could put Martin over the top, even if they really were focused on his race.

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