Time for an investigation and a new line

Democrats demand answers.

Democratic leaders in the Georgia House of Representatives called today for an independent investigation into problems with state tests that led to high failure rates among Georgia students.
House Minority Leader DuBose Porter said today there were early indications that students would struggle with the tests but state school Superintendent Kathy Cox did nothing.

‘‘What did Kathy Cox know and when did she know it,’’ Porter, of Dublin, asked at a state Capitol news conference.

An outside probe is unlikely by the Republican administration of Gov. Sonny Perdue. His office referred calls to Cox.

‘‘What did Kathy Cox know and when did she know it“. Dubose Porter needs a new line. That one is passed its prime and not very original.


  1. John Konop says:

    I heard from numerous sources that Claire Pierce the woman in charge of the math 123 offered her resignation early often via the issues before she finally left.

    It was clear that Kathy Cox blindly went forward with no regards to the warnings from teachers, parents, administrators….

    I have talk to numerous lawmakers and it is clear Kathy Cox has very little support for her pro one size fit all No Child Left Behind style education agenda.

    I was at a debate forum in Cherokee County for state and federal candidates last week. This was the one issue that all sides agreed on from school board, lawmakers……!!! They all agree Kathy Cox is lost on this issue.

    Also many of the candidates told me that constituents are mad as hell about this issue!

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