1. BubbaRich says:

    Well, Sen Shafer got the Grady lawsuit records unsealed 8 months ago, but I still haven’t heard the startling revelations from those records about how Grady’s abortion clinic was illegally using copier paper bought on a federal grant, or whatever they wanted to accuse Grady of.

    I’m gonna assume that Murtagh was just a bitter man who multiply violated his extravagant settlement. I’m also assuming that the main reason for such an extravagant settlement was to legally bind him from his harassment campaign (legal and otherwise), and to buy out the tenure he was granted. He was found in contempt of court a few times, and had sent e-mails in the names of several other Emory people to the NYTimes and other papers.

    The record for unsealed court cases isn’t looking too good, since Sen. Shafer made some claims and accusations before they were released. I’ll note that he hasn’t repeated them since he got the records, so I bet he hopes this will all go away.

    So I’m worried about your appeal to unseal these records, Erick. If you’re as good as Sen. Shafer, you may end up making Glenn Richardson into Jesus Christ before you’re done.

  2. Chris says:

    Give this judge a break, he probably does hundreds of divorce cases for house speakers a year and its hard to remember which ones he or his benchmates have done.

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