Heads up – School Calendars may be changing….

…because we can’t figure out who is dumber, our kids or our elected officials.

From: InsiderAdvantage:

State School Superintendent Kathy Cox plans to press local boards to postpone the start of the school year until late August.

The stance would reverse a previous hands-off approach to start dates and offer the possibility of better-looking test results in return.

Schools would start next year’s academic year no earlier than the third week of August under the plan, which would be voluntary, Cox said. In return, state Department of Education officials would have more time to crunch testing data from the districts, with the potential that fewer schools would fall short of federal standards. The extra time would allow for standardized testing retakes to be considered.


  1. John Konop says:

    I have an idea. We should stop Kathy Cox spending our tax dollars covering up here mistakes. Why not let the local school districts solve the problem.

    The federal and state government has made the problem worse not better. This one size fit all politically correct education system Kathy Cox and company has pushed down our throats is a failure.

  2. Howard Roark says:

    Kathy Cox is pandering to seacoast legislators. This is not best for students. Having the midpoint (semester break) end at Christmas break is good for high and middle school students is good for education.

    If Kathy Cox trusted school systems to scan and report their test data as they do in North Carolina would give systems more instructional time because testing could be completed just before the end of the school year.

  3. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Does this mean that they are getting more time to crunch the numbers by continuing to give the CRCT in mid-April, but having school start later? That is the dumbest proposal I have ever heard, and will likely make scores worse. Here’s why: Teachers will have less time to teach the curriculum because school will start later. The other thing is, if they change the timing of the test, they have no more time than they do now to “crunch the numbers”, even if school starts later. Sounds like a lot of changing of semantics to cover up the state’s failed programs. Do they really think the people in this state are so dumb that they really think a change in the school calendar will make a difference?

    Does anyone know what happens in schools after the CRCT? It is a whole month of play time for the majority of classrooms. Why continue teaching if you have already tested on what you were supposed to teach?

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