Gwinnett Commission Chair Update

Monday at lunchtime I ventured over to the Historic Courthouse in Lawrenceville to hear Commission Chairman Candidate Lorraine Green lay out a plan to eliminate property tax for homeowners and replace it with a 1% sales tax. You can listen to the audio of Lorraine’s announcement here (it’s about 12 minutes long).

Green also has a You Tube video explaining the plan here.

News of the Green presser elicited an angry response from the Charles Bannister campaign who fired off a press release (received via email) accusing Green of stealing their idea :

In a press release sent out today by Lorraine Green’s campaign, she once again blatantly stole an issue that Chairman Charles Bannister has been working on for over 2 months and in several public forums and in a mail piece that hit mailboxes last week, Chairman Bannister has talked about his plans to replace property taxes with a sales tax, but Lorraine stole the idea and is now taking credit for it.

Not only has Chairman Bannister mentioned his plan in public several times, he also discussed the implementation of the plan with County Administrator Jock Connell over a month ago.

Said Bannister, “This is just another example of how I have proven myself has a work horse and how Lorraine is nothing but a show horse who runs to the press taking credit for other people’s work. She did the same thing with the illegal immigrant purchasing ordinance by copying Senate Bill 529, the smoking ordinance that she copied from the state, and the I.C.E. 287(g) that she blatantly copied from me. Apparently, she can’t come up with her own ideas, and I think we deserve better in a Commission Chairman.”

I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this.


  1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Hmmmm…replace property tax with a sales tax….where have I heard that idea before?

  2. Chris says:

    That plan actually works for Gwinnett – We’re a shopping destination with MOG & Gwinnett Place.

    Its also nice to see a politician talk about tax cuts for the level of government they actually manage.

  3. Our 1% sales tax in DeKalb offsets about 30% of our property taxes. Either 3 times as many people shop in Gwinnett, their property taxes are 3 times lower or some combination of the two is true, but I’d be interested to see some real math as to what the sales tax rate would have to be.

  4. Lorraine Green’s Tax Relief Plan would be a major benefit to homeowners across Gwinnett by creating a 100% homestead exemption for homeowners.

    Homeowners would pay no more property taxes to support the county government operations part of your tax bill.

    A homeowner with house valued at $250,000 would have their $1,002 (county operations) annual tax bill eliminated.

    In FY 2008, $157 million will be generated from the existing 1-cent splost. Green’s 1 cent Homestead Option Sales Tax proposal would generate in the same $157 million.

    Homeowners in Gwinnett currently pay $107 million in annual property taxes for county government operations. So Green’s 1 cent “HOST” sales tax would totally eliminate those taxes.

    The remaining $50 million brought in by HOST would go to reduce and eliminate other fees: potentially stormwater runoff fee, as well as reducing commercial property taxes.

    People who shop in Gwinnett — as well as the illegal immigrants who are coming here in droves — would finally also help pay for county government operations, shifting the tax burden off of homeowners.

    This plan would be a huge benefit to Gwinnett County.

  5. Taft Republican says:

    I don’t care who does it: Green, Bannister, Pirkle, whatever. I’ll vote for whoever will make the government stop stealing my money.

    These people all talk a good game. But they never come through – Republican, Democrat, whatever. Taxes keep going up; it’s just a question of degrees of “how much” they go up.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. FinanceBuzz says:

    I went to the candidates forum at GJAC last night. I have been a strong opponent of Lorraine’s because of her lack of respect for private property rights in caving into homeowner special interests. However, she made a lot of sense on many issues last night. I do wonder though if she is just parroting Bannister. I left with a Bannister yard sign, but I am now more willing to keep an open mind about Green.

  7. Icarus says:


    I’m way to lazy to try and do the math, but Gwinnett doesn’t have a Grady Hospital burden, so that’s probably half of the difference you’re trying to make up right there. Not sure they can make it 100% either, but I’ll bet they can do better than 30%.

  8. A Typical White Person says:

    Hmmm…Mr. Rountree, are you simply a neutral party in your erudite opinion on Ms. Green’s “plan?”

    Who else should we expect to “drop by” this thread to offer a disaffected opinion on this subject?

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