Down in Towaliga

Some questions are arising about the past of a candidate for District Attorney in the Towaliga Judicial Circuit (Butts, Lamar and Monroe counties). George Hartwig, who hopes to unseat Richard Milam, spent some time in Florida in 2002 as a Captain in the Charlotte County (FL) Sheriffs Department.

The information posted on this website, gives the impression that Hartwig has questionable leadership skills which eventually lead to the disbanding of the narcotics unit he oversaw. His time working at the Sheriffs Department is excluded from his lengthy bio on his website.


  1. albert says:

    Ask a deputy? What? As the late Desi Arnez used to say, “someones got some explainin to do.”

    What we need is more effective leaders, not people who simply jocky for a job.

  2. with Grace says:

    We need to make informed decisions when we are voting. In order to do so you must research your candidates. Richard Milam, as well as his staff have dedicated years of service to our community. While it is true that you cant please all the people all the time I do believe that this group has performed well for our district.

  3. M. Susan says:

    I think the media needs to check this out. We like good, honest people like Richard Milam who gets the job done and cleans up the dockets within fast time limits.

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