What’s on the mind of Georgia’s city officials?

John McCain will win the presidential election, none of the transportation funding options discussed this past legislative session best serves cities and state elected officials are just average when it comes to their effectiveness in regards to city issues…at least that’s what Georgia’s city officials think, among other things, according to the Georgia Municipal Association’s survey of both elected and appointed city officials which was conducted a few weeks before its Annual Convention in Savannah. (FULL SURVEY RESULTS)

Looking to the 2010 Georgia gubernatorial election, 37% of the responding city officials feel that Lt. Governor Casey Cagle would be the best Republican candidate for governor. The only other potential Republican candidate that broke into double digits was Congressman Jack Kingston at 11%. There isn’t as clear of an opinion on who would be the best Democratic candidate for governor. Former Secretary of State Cathy Cox leads the way with 22% thinking she would be the best candidate followed by former governor Roy Barnes at 12%. With over 47% responding that they don’t know who would be the best candidate, there is no clear Democratic front-runner in the minds of city officials at this early date.

Also, survey respondents were asked to pick the top five issues facing their city. As it was last year, how to pay for infrastructure improvements and other capital needs was selected by 85% of the respondents. Job creation and economic development followed at over 61% with health care costs for city employees next at nearly 56%. Erosion of local control and the impact of growth on quality-of-life and the provision of services round out the top five at 44% and 41% respectively. Cost of environmental compliance dropped out of the top five this year and erosion of local control went from being the sixth most pressing issue last year to fourth this year.


  1. Game Fan says:

    Why don’t they call it “Governortorial” election? Using the same logic they should call the Presidential race the “Prepubescential” election. (erection if you’re Chinese)

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