Clay Cox for SOS? [Kemp in as well?]

As we continue to engage in wild speculation about who may or may not run for statewide office in 2010, I heard that State Rep. Clay Cox is seriously considering a run for Secretary of State if Karen Handel decides to run for another office.

[UPDATE] Another reliable source tells me that Brian Kemp is giving a serious look at the race.


  1. Icarus says:

    Clay’s a good guy. I could get on board with that idea if he’s serious about it. Was hoping he woud eventually replace Linder, but I guess that option is still open as well.

  2. Icarus says:

    Focus, John, Focus.

    We picked up three votes to get me on the front page since the weekend: SpaceyG and Rome actually agree on something. That should be enought right there.

    Then GOPeach endorsed me, and I think I lost it.

  3. Icarus says:

    I can’t even get “free” cookies out of you. You think I’d pay you for a vote that would never happen? There’s a reason rat bastards are rat bastards, you know.

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