Avoid Tift County

Traffic will be a nightmare.

As part of the I-75 widening project at Oakridge Bridge in Tift County, Georgia Power Company and Colquitt EMC will be relocating transmission and distribution equipment over and on either side of I-75 in Tift County between mile marker 57 and 58. To allow for the progression of this utility work, it will be necessary to pace traffic intermittently on I-75. Tifton Police Department officers will pace traffic down to 20 mph for up to 10 minutes each hour (nine paces per day).


  1. FinanceBuzz says:

    Wow….they are STILL working on that road? I fought traffic on various sections on I-75 due to construction all the way to 2001 (though back then the construction was up around Cordele if I recall correctly).

  2. griftdrift says:

    It’s been gradually moving south over the years. I’ve witnessed its steady progress. Right now it consists of three sections.

    Expansion to six lanes in the Cordele area.

    Expansion to six lanes in the Ashburn area.

    The aforementioned power lines just south of Tifton.

    It sucks but not nearly the level of suckage of the southside I-75/I-475 interchange. Particularly the northbound lanes. With the latest jog they’ve put in the lanes I’ve nearly wrecked three times in the past few months.

  3. Erick says:

    Grift, the I-75/I-475 area really sucks bad. And the only lines are still somewhat noticeable so you never know what lane you’re in.

  4. griftdrift says:

    Erick its just become awul.

    For those who haven’t been down that way let me provide a brief description.

    Going Northbound you peel off I-75 to the left at about 80mph. You see the ubiquitous “Lane Shifts” signs. You then have to navigate a brutal zig zag on a curve which just happens to have a massive bump right in the middle. Since you are hitting the bump as you are executing the turn there’s about 50% chance you will just go flying into the other lane.

    Oh and usually there’s a semi in the other lane.

    It’s terrifying.

  5. Icarus says:

    We can only hope the people put in charge of the War on Traffic had no experience in planning or executing the War on Drugs.

    I really don’t want to do a 20 year minimum for possession of an SUV with the intent to drive interstate.

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