Well this is good news

The Mayor says no veto is in the works.

Mayor Reichert said he’s been inundated with phone calls and e-mails this week after word got out that he planned to veto a proposed City Council ordinance that requires Animal Control to switch its euthanasia method from gas chamber to lethal injection.

There is no veto in the works, he said, even though Councilman Erick Erickson, the ordinance sponsor, alleged such in a letter to the editor in The Telegraph. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding when an administration official asked council members to hold off on the switch because it’s unclear whether the city can afford it before the July 2009 deadline.

When Keith Moffet told us this past Monday that the administration opposed the initiative, we all took this to mean he would veto it — there have been several conversations along the same lines in the past and likewise, on Monday, every indication we got from Keith was that the Mayor would veto the measure. Perhaps Keith should have been a little more clear.