Yes, But Does It Wear Great Clothes?

Matt Towery likes Ralph Reed’s new novel, Dark Horse. I’ve yet to read it, but I will likely add it to the stack. And will report back here, of course. Again, Reed sells and signs and raps about his new book tonight at the APC.

Say what you feel you need to about Towery, or Reed, or God and Baby Jesus for that matter, but it’s remarkable and refreshing to have a review from anyone who actually consumes the media they’re yapping about before they yammer publicly about the same media. From Southern Political Report today:

Does any of this sound familiar? A Democratic presidential nomination is essentially taken away from a candidate because of a fight over delegates’ credentials at a national nominating convention.

How about the first ever African-American nominee for president? Or an election that ends with no candidate having the requisite number of electoral votes? Or a shrewd U.S. speaker of the House who is forced to choose between ambition and the nation’s best interest? How about a sex scandal involving a prominent political figure?

You might think that I am describing current or past real political events. But I’m not. Instead, I’m giving you just a small taste of a new novel written by what some might guess to be the most improbable of authors, onetime Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed.

Before both fans and detractors of Reed start typing emails (to me or on sites where this column runs) let me state for the record that regardless of how one feels about the author, Ralph Reed’s book, “Dark Horse: A Political Thriller,” is a fast-paced, well-written and compelling novel. It takes the reader into the world of backroom politics much in the same way that John Grisham takes readers into the world of the practice of law.

Full story here.