Fleming to attend Stephens County Forum.

From a press release I received via email:

Harlem, GA – State Representative Barry Fleming will participate in the Stephens County Republican Forum. This forum will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 14, and is an excellent opportunity for Stephens County residents to meet Barry Fleming and learn more about his conservative leadership.

WHO: Representative Barry Fleming

WHAT: The Republican Candidate for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District will be a featured speaker

WHEN: Saturday, June 14, 2008 1:00 PM

WHERE: Henderson Falls Park Toccoa, GA

This event is open to the press and will include free barbeque.


  1. rabuncountyman says:

    I drove the district from the Athens area to Clayton on Wednesday and executed a sign count from the main roads I traveled on. The sign count was Paul Broun, a bunch of signs (+40 4×4’s) in addition to yard signs on private property, Barry Fleming 3. Two of those 4 x 4 signs were in areas with high numbers of GOP signs and 1 yard sign was in the right of way.

    Stephens is covered up for Dr. Broun.

  2. modcon says:

    Sorry for the double post, the first one didn’t display right away. I was starting to wonder if I had been banned.

    I was really just wondering about Broun backing out because he gave Whitehead such a hard time about missing debates last year. Usually Barry announces such events as be a debate as either debate or stump meet that Paul Broun will be at also.

  3. JoshLyman says:

    Paul Broun will be at the Stephens County Forum, as will all other candidates for all offices in Stephens County. This is not a 10th district debate. It is a candidate forum open to all candidates.

  4. ACConservative says:

    Oh lord, Paul Broun’s going to be there. Brace yourself for a stumbling, bumbling, and generally unintelligible journey which will be an insult to the art of oratory.

    I didn’t think Broun would be taking Fleming up on many more debates after Fleming’s ability to articulate himself without sounding like a doof in their previous meetings. Add that to his wife’s non stop cries for Barry to be disqualified because he writes things down on a pad of paper.

  5. modcon says:

    There’s supposed to be a big debate in Columbia County, at the library auditorium, next Saturday (6/22) at 5:00 pm. So Broun has at least one more head to head with Fleming.

  6. Howard Roark says:

    I spent 3 hours with Congressman Broun this morning at our quarterly party meeting. A crowd of 50 had breakfast with the congressman. He gave his stump speech to the group and took questions for 45 minutes. He was interrupted with applause many times and visited with constituents until noon. As the group was leaving they cleaned out the 20 or so yard signs at the event to put in their yards. He left for Toccoa to attend the forum sponsored by the Stephens county GOP.

    Congressman Broun had an event the night before in Columbia county. I understand the fish fry had 275 constituents in attendance. My guess is Paul is at worst going to break even in Columbia county, but I expect him to win there as well as in the north part of the district. All Barry has generated from his campaign is twisted negative mailers which has ensured his defeat.

  7. bowersville says:

    First, let me thank the Stephens County GOP for hosting this forum at Henderson Falls. It was very well planned and executed. It was quite evident that a lot of work went into the event.

    Second, Martha Zoeller was the perfect choice for moderator. Martha, you did an excellent job, you kept the responses of the candidates focused and timely.

    Third, the number of citizens in attendance at 250+, was surprising. My how the Republican party has grown in Stephens county which was reflected by the number of local Republican candidates. I could be wrong as I am not from Stephens county, but based on the different contended offices, even in the R primary, every office in Stephens County must have a Republican seeking that office.

    I have to admit, I backed Whitehead the last go around. I even asked that Barry Fleming get in the special right here on PP.

    I witnessed the debate today and I don’t have a clue as to what Modcon and ACConservative are referencing other than perhaps their own wishful thinking.

    Paul Broun not only stood his own ground, his points were bam, bam, bam with sound explanations and reasoning behind his positions. Barry Fleming made his points and explained them, but it is utterly ridiculous to try to explain that you, by your approach to reforming Social Security, wouldn’t scare away the Democrats. What Republican on God’s green earth would believe that a Pelosi led Congress would be interested in reforming Social Security under any circumstances? Oh, it only gets worse, I’m not interested in even discussing Fleming’s distorted attacks on Broun. I’ve previously read them, but they are nauseating to hear in person.

    At the very end on the Forum when all Republicans office seekers had spoke, Martha Zoeller summed it up best. The Republican elections that were lost in the 3 last special elections, including Mississippi, were not because the voters did not support conservatism, it was because the Republicans have have compromised their conservatism.

    Paul Broun hasn’t compromised and I’m not going to vote for Fleming because I’m not willing to send a Republican to a Pelosi Congress to go along just to get along.

    For anyone reading this, I invite you to speak to Paul Broun, one on one, he is patient with his listening, articulate and knowledgeable. Also, Paul Broun took the time to speak to anyone and everyone and was one of the last to leave. I was so comfortable with him, I had to admit the error of my ways in the Special when I supported his opponent.

    BTW, for verification in the Fleming camp, I spoke to Barry’s nephew about attending Georgia Southern. Bright young man.

  8. bowersville says:

    After sitting at the back of the audience at previous forums and remaining mute, at last Schaefer stepped up to the microphone, but she sounded and looked tired with the same old weary rhetoric. She blundered off on a rabbit trail by saying that any removal of children by DEFACS needed to be decided by a jury. As a trial by jury takes 18-24 months to actually come to court, can you imagine a child suffering cigarette burns for 2 years waiting on a jury trial?

    Jim Butterworth voiced his concern that a child’s safety doesn’t need to be delayed and compromised, yet he understood that DEFACS needs fixing, but let’s give them the tools, the training and the proper resources to get the job done and not compromise our children’s safety.

    Terry Rogers brought up that he would be a full time Senator. I took that to mean that he understood, as any one from the 50th knows, that Schafer has been MIA as far as responding to the concerns of local constituents, but he took it too far indicating he would work fulltime as a Senator.

    There is a problem with that. Our Georgia legislature is designed as the founding fathers intended, part time citizen legislators, with a foot in the real world as citizens first, legislators second. With a per Diem of about $140 a day beyond the 90 day session, that works out to $38500 extra a year. As Butterworth pointed out, with his concern about spending taxpayers money, there is a better way of doing the people’s business than being full time legislators. (I may be wrong on the per diem, but the concern about spending taxpayers money is the same)

    Overall, I rate Butterworth first, Rogers second and last, Schaefer.

  9. bowersville says:

    One thing I did notice though was once we all had to move under the pavilion when it began a downpour was that Zoeller began with Butterworth responding first more often and Schaefer and Rogers started parroting Butterworth more and more.

  10. Honest Abe 706 says:

    Bowersville, I believe when Terry Rogers says he will be a “full time senator ” he means that he will make himself available to the people.

    I do not believe it means that he will be taking extra money away from the taxpayers. After all, Terry is a successful small businessman. He knows first hand what it takes to run a company. I believe he will apply those same conservative principles in the senate.

  11. engineer says:

    Honest Abe, I have heard the successful businessman line about Mr. Rogers several times. I can’t get a straight answer to what he does for a living (other than work from his cell phone). Can you enlighten the readers as to what Mr. Rogers does? Also I have friends in Cornelia who have lived in the city for several years. They don’t recall Mr. Rogers having served on the city council as I often hear. When exactly did he serve on the city council and for how long?

  12. WhoWhatWhen says:

    I am always heartened to hear that Terry Rogers is a successful small businessman. What worries me is I never hear anything about this business experience. Abe, can you please enlighten me about what business experience Rogers actually has? Since Terry is currently unemployed, did he sell his successful business?

    Terry has been rightfully proud to note his service on the Cornelia City Council. Why doesn’t he mention this was back in the 80’s? Also, why does he say he was Mayor Pro Tem when no such position has ever existed in Cornelia? Did he create the position in the same way he wants to create a full time state senate?

    I’ve heard Terry refer to the relief he and his wife shared to get their five kids through college. It’s an uplifting little glimpse into what must be the picture perefect family. Abe, can you please tell me how Rogers and this third wife had 5 college aged kids together in only a couple years of marriage? Given Rogers’ pro-family values, what went wrong in the first two failed marriages?

    The word around his hometown is that Rogers is a nice guy who is not taken seriously and is out of his league. Since these people should know him best I am always surprised that they don’t rail on about his successful small business and his idealic family life. Instead it seems they don’t see him as leadership material. Maybe it’s a forest for the trees issue of having grown up around such a successful leader they never even noticed? Maybe they are jealous of his little known ‘successful small business’. Abe, help me understand this one.

    Here’s the real kicker… Everyone knows this northeast Georgia district is among the most conservative in America. What grasp on faith from heaven above does Rogers cling to that makes him believe this district will elect a ‘family man’ who has been married 3 times? Rogers loves families so much he’s had 3! If Rogers lands himself in a runoff with Nancy it is beyond my understanding how he thinks every church in the district won’t finally know this open secret.

    Abe, what’s the route to victory for Terry? How can he overcome his own flawed history? There must be some strong and clever strategy laying in wait and I am sitting on the edge of my seat to see how this man of greatness overcomes it all.

    Go Terry!

  13. bowersville says:

    I wondered when the Schaefer folks would finally wake up on the family values side of the bed and realize there’s a campaign going on.

    I guess the Saturday debate with Butterworth and Rogers was too much for Nancy to remain on coast.

  14. beancounter says:

    Terry Rogers was employed within the last 12 years by a business that a friend of my owned. Terry was more talk than action. Enough said. Nancy Schaefer doesn’t mean a trial by jury. She means that a group of people need to decide about each case. In my opinion, Nancy is right. DEFACS has ruin more kids than it has helped. It is very insensitive to the ties between parents and children. DEFACS always assumes the worse without consideration of the situation. Many a good parent goes around in fear that their children will be taken away from them over a bump, scrap, cut, etc., things that are a normal part of a child’s life. DEFACS undermines the authority of the parent. Each case needs to be carefully evaluated before the child is taken from the parents. The emotional scars that DEFACS has caused to both child and parent is absolutely wrong. It definitely needs a change and Nancy is on the right road. The disappointing thing about Nancy is that she is not good at communicating and assumes the worse when she is questioned. I have emailed her office and her responses are few to none. It does make one wonder.

  15. bowersville says:

    I wasn’t at the forum tonight for the 50th Senate candidates in Banks County hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, but my brother was.

    He couldn’t make up his mind as to whether Nancy Schaefer was tired or mad or both. He said she rambled on and on about the high price of gas, the difficult times, the price of food is too high etc….(that’s right Nancy tell us something we don’t know, present the problems and offer no solutions, it sounds just like you).

    My brother approached Jim Butterworth after the forum and told him he hadn’t made up his mind until he heard him tonight. Jim asked the several people in the group to call 10 people and tell them what you heard. I got that phone call.

    Brother also overheard the mumbling in the back after the forum that Rogers has been married multiple times and Schaefer will beat him in a runoff and I believe he coined a phrase “A vote for Rogers is a vote for Schaefer, she’ll beat him like a drum.”

    I hope Rogers hasn’t mortgaged the home.

  16. bowersville says:

    Beancounter, I suggest you get on board with some one that can at least understand the issues and communicate their proposed solutions clearly.

    As far as Nancy responding to emails or appointments to discuss issues, everybody that’s not in her inner circle knows that if you want to discuss a point with Nancy, you have to talk to her husband, Bruce.

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