Pam Stanley’s comeback takes a serious hit.

Former Democratic State Rep. Pam Stanley wants to get back in the action. She’s running for State House District 53. However, she just agreed to pay $70,000:

Stanley last week signed a proposed Ethics Commission consent decree agreeing to pay back nearly $40,000 in campaign donations from 1999 to 2002 that she couldn’t account for spending on her campaign. In the agreement, obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution using the Open Records Act, Stanley also agreed to a $26,250 civil fine.

The proposed agreement will go before the State Ethics Commission for final approval in the next few months.

Combined, officials say it would be the largest penalty levied by the commission against a legislative candidate.

It is illegal for candidates to spend campaign money on anything other than running for office or maintaining their elected position.

Over the course of three years, state investigators said Stanley converted about $40,000 worth of campaign donations to cash without disclosing how the money was spent.

Stanley agreed in 2004 to file her numerous delinquent disclosure reports as you can see in this document. She never did and now we know why.


  1. Gag Halfrunt says:

    The real story isn’t Stanley’s violation, it’s that it has taken the Ethics Commission four years to act after she admitted wrongdoing. What other horror stories reside in the SEC attic? Aren’t there pending cases against Perdue and Lientz that seem to have floated into oblivion?

  2. A Typical White Person says:

    Had she not run again, this issue would have faded away into oblivion. What an idiot.

  3. DemBones says:

    A quick check of the State Ethics Commission website shows that she hasn’t filed any financial reports for this election either. Does anyone want to bet that she files a report before the July 7th deadline? I’m just curious to see what PACs are stupid enough to give this fool any more money. I did not think that this district could have any worse representation than Lanette Stanley Turner, but obviously I was wrong. Their mother must be so proud to have both of them living with her in her house on Gary Street, instead of in Pam’s real house on Foundry. Of course that would be outside of the district.

    She and Mike Crotts ought to buy a mobile home together.

  4. DemBones says:

    Just wanted to post an update on this race. Elly Dobbs won the Democratic primary against Ms. Stanley with almost 58% of the vote (2488 votes out of 4299 cast). Ms. Dobbs ran a textbook campaign utilizing direct mail to compare and contrast herself with Ms. Stanley.

    It also appears that Mr. Crotts lost his bid for the State Senate in District 17.

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