Donzella James Outraged At Congressman David Scott

Former Georgia state Senator Donzella James (D – Atlanta) says she’s outraged but not surprised at the allegations that Congressman David Scott referred to his Republican opponent, Deborah Honeycutt, as a bitch.

In a news release sent out today, Democrat Donzella James cited a statement from the Republican National Committee’s Outreach Communications Press Secretary as her reason for believing the accusation against U.S. Rep. Scott is true.

“This is disrespectful and very unfortunate to hear this about a U.S. Congressman,” said the RNC’s Outreach Communications Press Secretary Darrell Jordan. “It’s also extremely disappointing to hear an African-American man use this term in reference to another African-American woman. When I heard this report, I decided to call the witness who heard Rep. Scott utter the phrase (for my own confirmation). On Monday, Maynard Eaton, a writer for the Atlanta Voice newspaper, confirmed to me that he did, in fact, hear Rep. Scott refer to Dr. Honeycutt as a bitch.”

There are some, however, who are questioning the truthfulness of Eaton’s claim. These skeptics point to Republican Deborah Honeycutt’s FEC reports which show Maynard Eaton receiving five “media consulting” payments totaling $3,000 over the last few months.

Still Donzella James maintained her criticisms against the Georgia Congressman who defeated her twice in the Democratic primary.

“[David Scott] has been disrespectful to me and other women in my presence,” James said. “Even in mixed company, he often makes vulgar references that are less than gentlemanly.

“Making statements degrading women and not addressing the issues that are important to all of us clearly indicates that he has no business representing the 13th district! I am the respectable candidate who will bring service, integrity, and accountability back to our district,” she continued.

Congressman Scott’s office continued to deny the allegations.

“That is absolutely not true,” said Scott’s Chief of Staff Michael Andel. “Congressman Scott would not say such a thing.”


  1. dudelove says:

    How pathetic is it that this issue is the only traction Honeycutt can get with the media. As a hardcore Republican, I’m hear to say, “let the stupid issue go.”

  2. stephaniemills21 says:

    What a crock. Rep Scott should have used the term in reference to Donzella. If there is one woman in Georgia politics who deserves that epithet it is Mrs. James. I can think of many other choice words for her, and have never met one person who could offer anything positive about her.

  3. SouthFultonGuy says:

    There are some, however, who are questioning the truthfulness of Eaton’s claim.

    So Andre I guess it follows that we should not believe anything you claim about Vernon Jones eh???

  4. RuralDem says:

    “[David Scott] has been disrespectful to me and other women in my presence,” James said. “Even in mixed company, he often makes vulgar references that are less than gentlemanly.”

    If this was true, you’d think she’d release press releases about that as well.

    Didn’t the incident in question happen over a month ago? Why is it taking so long for her to get a press release out?


  5. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Well, Donzella James has something in common with Deborah Honeycut…she is a b!tch.

    However, I still do not believe that Scott actually said that Honeycutt was a b!tch. It is hearsay from a reporter.


    It is absolutely disturbing to me that there is such a great deal of disrepect for both women and comunity leaders who stood up and fought for the issues that are of major concern to our community. I reference the afformentioned comments and wonder if one had ever experienced the love of a mother, grandmother, or even a companion. Your comments truly simulate the level of your mentality in this political arena; with-in these troubled times. The truth of the matter is that the incumbent ( and I say Incumbent because he isn’t deserving of a name), has failed our community and uses individuals such as yourself, who find humor in degrading women to divert the attention from his inability to perform a job that people elected him to do to. In all fairness ask yourself… If you applied for a job and the IRS indicated that you owe over $150,000 in back taxes would you get that job? If you were investigated and found to have funneled 713,317.30 from campaign funds (money taken from hard working indiviaduals such as you and i who have to decide weather were going to put gas in our cars @ 400.00 per gallon of eat a well balanced dinner) do you think you would be on trial or allowed to continue to bullshit the constituents (who voted overwelmingly for Obama, which means they suppport his platform)and vote for bills such as HR 2642, which would have continued to send our families to war and put our great grandchildren in Debt, to the tune of 160 Billion. People wake up! we cant afford gas, and he voted to for Medicare part D, which obligates the elderly to pay full price for prescription drugs and the premium after a few supplies of medication for the year. He may become a great Rapper through use of the words as such andpossibly distribute his own records from the backing of the corporations that he leased the 13th District to over the years. But he is truly not the right person for the job of U.S. Congress. Try telling those kids in Clayton County that you beleive in the man who let their schools crumble because of the way he uses the word Bith!

  7. A Typical White Person says:

    GC, you have a real problem with women, huh? Call them bad names and stuff when you probably don’t even know them.

    What’s wrong…did some smart lady divorce you and screw you out of your money? Do you walk down the street and, for every female you see, launch into a sudden outburst of Tourette Syndrome?

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