Lame Atlanta

I quick round-up of Atlanta’s dullest, PR flak-generated, un-happening events and actions for the day:

Commercial Real Estate Executive Roundup. Hot, hot, hot.  Not.

Really Boring Lisa Borders Who Will Never Beat Mary Norwood for Mayor Next Year on the about time resignation of the City’s CFO.

Old Quincy Jones gums with an always-babbling Monica Kaufman Pearson Kaufman.

A TV-generated judge appears at the National Black Accountants Convention. Wow me.

Ralph Reed wrote a book. Now he pimps it to The Press.

The only people who hate greenspace are the heirs of meanie landowners who probably loathed their own kids and thus left their extremely valuable property to some dopey trust instead of their loathsome, greedy offspring.

And that’s your deadly-dull, PR flak daily news roundup!


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