Ignore The Sunday Paper

Atlanta’s The Sunday Paper has a cover story that, in the print edition at least, bizarrely claims that “moderates are tuning out the partisan cable news networks.” A quick check to the Tuesday June 3rd (the very last primary night) viewing stats shows anything but such an absurd and whoppingly off base and densely-presented claim.

Guess these things can happen when you have print-minded people attempting to report about the broadcast media. Come to think about it, I have never met a single print political reporter who ever watched ANY political broadcast news in any form or fashion on a regular basis. Mostly, printees are so disdainful of the broadcast medium they tend to brag, yes brag, about how they never, ever watch TV news. Nor am I the only one to notice this disdain.

Careful if you see a The Sunday Paper cover claiming low voter turnout in ‘08.


  1. travis fain says:

    Speaking of ridiculous statements worth ignoring:

    “Come to think about it, I have never met a single print political reporter who ever watched ANY political broadcast news in any form or fashion on a regular basis.”

    I know we’ve never met, but I’m in The Macon Telegraph newsroom right now. There are four other reporters here, and CNN is on.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Well, type on righteous dude, type on. Or watch on, I should say. Maybe one day I’ll even read some of YOUR ridiculous statements. Doubtful, as your editorial minders likely don’t allow you off their redundant, pointless chains much, but weirder things have happened I suppose. Now get back to work. For Da Man.

  3. This might sound strange, but every night when I get home from work, all I watch is television news. On Tuesdays, it’s Frontline.

    On other nights and even stranger still: I mostly watch Fox News. And read right-leaning websites in addition to left-leaning ones. I get a good fill of what I consider to be “balanced news” during the day. I think it’s good to see what one of the main sources of television news in the country is peddling to viewers.

    Also, to know good journalism, you have to know bad journalism.

  4. rugby fan says:

    Those ratings don’t prove your point Spacey.

    Election return nights have higher ratings than normal because cable news channels offer never ending coverage. This is similar to the way their ratings spike during key news events.

    If you looked at ratings for CNN, FNC, &c. you would likely find an absence of moderates and non partisans during the week and an especially noticeable absence during their punditry shows.

    On a different note, is SpaceyG trying to insult people when she says “type on righteous dude” or is she being sarcastic with the humor being lost over the internet?

  5. SpaceyG says:

    RF, I suggest you review some of the comments to the post “Anderson Cooper for VP!” The ratings are indeed important as I’m certain that buried among the partisan ravers of any flavor for key, political event coverage are surely many self-proclaimed moderates. Actually, I’d love to see data on how many of the actual viewers of key political events and shows and commentary on any cable news net would ID themselves as “moderate.” I’d be willing to put money that the majority would claim “moderate” status, given a range of choices. Because if “moderates” are not watching TV to engage in the political process, then what are they doing? Reading blogs? I seriously doubt they’re “tuning out” in such heady, engaging political TV times. They’re obviously, given the deeply relevant stats I cited, doing anything but.

  6. SecretIdentity-NotStevePerkins says:

    From the Georgia Gang to the Sunday Paper… Spacey LIVES for boycotts of things that no one was paying attention to anyway!

  7. Progressive Dem says:

    The SP story was one of the more confused and incoherent things I’read recently. It made some lame claim that viewers could determine that Fox News was was conservative based upon their prime time lineup of O’Reily and Hannity, and CNN was liberal because of the amount of coverage they gave the Democratic presidential primary. Let’s see the Democratic primary just completed 56 contests with record numbers of voters and campaign contributions in a razor thin delegate race between a woman and an African American. How is coverage of such a historict event evidence of bias to liberals? No statistics were offered to compared the amount of air time. This story was waste of paper, ink and my time.

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