Dominoes – Not Just a Game for Kids…

The key with dominoes is that when you upset one domino, a series of subsequent events causes all the dominoes to fall thereafter.

With the imminent decisions by so many of Georgia’s Statewide Constitutional Officers to seek the Governor’s office, the domino effect is that it opens up a host of opportunities in our state. 

John Oxendine has already declared and begun to measure the drapes at the Governor’s mansion.  That opens up the office of Insurance Commissioner. 

Secretary of State Karen Handel is said to be considering a run for Governor but is rightfully waiting for at least one election to be over before starting another cycle.  Secretary of State is one of the most important positions in our state government.

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle is also making plans to run for Governor and the office of LT. GOV would be seen as the brass ring of opportunity for anyone in Georgia Government.  The door of opportunity in this position is and should be wide. 

As politicians plan their next steps, it is the next level of domino which I think is the most interesting – the people who decide to run for the open opportunities left by those seeking these statewide offices. 

In my corner of the state, Eric Johnson has all but declared 2008 as his last time on the ballot for State Senate regardless of his decision to run statewide or retire.  That open seat would surely be of interest to a host of people. 

This thread should be seen as the open dialogue to the people, of both parties, looking to take on these open opportunities that would be created by the vacancies of a Johnson, Shafer, Seabaugh, Rogers, Chance, Harp, etc…

Have at it! 


  1. Bull Moose says:

    I’ll start, any discussion about the race for the 1st District Senate Seat must include the name of Steve Croy.

    A successful businessman, Steve must be considered as a strong candidate in this seat, especially when you consider his strength on issues relative to the coast, ability to raise money, statewide contacts, and pure willingness to stand up and get things done.

    Other names thrown around include Chatham County Tax Commissioner Danny Powers and West Chatham State Representative Buddy Carter.

    Which, if Buddy runs, opens another opportunity. Names there include Chatham County Commissioner Dean Kicklighter, former Congressional Candidate Chris Edenfield, and Pooler City Council candidate Jay Melvin.

  2. Chris says:

    I heard at the state convention that Jason Shepherd was either going to challenge Poinevent for National Committeman, or run for Oxendine’s seat.

    Since Alec won unopposed, I guess its Sheppie for Insurance in 10.

  3. Icarus says:

    If I was the one that told you that Rat, keep in mind I was probably drunk at the time.

  4. Chris says:

    I was probably drunk when I heard it, so they may have been talking about Sonny Perdue.

  5. Icarus says:

    Unless your IndyInjun, where you then believe we must be killed in 2008 so that we can be born again in 2010…

  6. MountainThinker says:

    Wouldn’t Bill Stephens be an odds-on favorite for Secretary of State, if he were to run for it in an open seat race if Handel goes for the Gov?

  7. Icarus says:

    re: my previous post,

    your = you’re.

    Good thing I didn’t have to take a GCRT this year…

    Re: Bill Stephens:

    I guess if Bubba , erm, Lauren McDonald can become the odds on favorite when Angela Speir vacates her post, anything is possible.

  8. A Typical White Person says:

    Ummm…the true game of dominoes is not standing them up on their narrow ends and then tipping one over. It is a game of matching pieces with dots in different combinations.

    Just in case you were looking for accuracy in your analogies.

  9. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Steve Croy is a pretty good choice. Smart guy and hard worker. He’s a good fit for the District.

  10. RobertC says:

    I know Croy from his McCain work as the Finance Chair for Georgia. that Savannah event was really good. He’d be a heckuva Senator.

    Eric has never been that impressive. More of a hotheaded lightweight.

    Croy would bring some real heft to the Coast’s leadership.

  11. RobertC says:

    any one who has had to deal with eric, as in those of us on the coast, have a few choice adjectives to describe eric. but this is a family blog.

    So I’ll stay with hothead. lightweight. and leadership equivalent to a big steaming pile of chopped liver.

  12. shep1975 says:

    Dang Farris, let me get through law school first before you have me running for any statewide elections! And as I said in my convention speech, being National Committeeman isn’t worth being off Alec’s Christmas card list.

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