Candidate Recruitment

We all laughed or cried when we discovered the abysmal job the Georgia Democrats did in recruiting candidates in an otherwise stellar looking year for those in Blue, but in Montana the GOP got bit by the opposite – too many qualified candidates split the field and a green got the GOP nod:

WASHINGTON — Perennial candidate Bob Kelleher won an upset victory in Montana’s Republican U.S. Senate primary early Wednesday, making a tough race even tougher for the state GOP.

Kelleher, an 85-year-old attorney from Butte, will challenge Democrat incumbent Max Baucus in November. Baucus is a five-term U.S. senator who had more than $6 million in the bank in May and has raised more than $10 million since he was last re-elected in 2002.

Kelleher, who has run for office in the state at least 13 times, has not filed any campaign finance reports, meaning he has not raised or spent more than $5,000 in the race.

The new nominee’s views are far from the mainstream Republican party in Montana. He has run as both a Democratic and a Green Party candidate, and he has advocated more gun control. Kelleher did not return several calls seeking comment on Election Night.[…]

Kirk Bushman, an industrial facilities designer from Billings, and former Montana House Majority Leader Michael Lange were thought to be the front-runners in the Republican primary. But with 96 percent of precincts reporting at 1 a.m. Wednesday, Kelleher had a wide lead over both of them with 36 percent of the vote. Lange had 23 percent, and Bushman had 21 percent.[…](source)


  1. SecretIdentity-NotStevePerkins says:

    Man, that would be horrible if the Georgia GOP recruited candidates who ended up governing like Dems. Just imagine…

  2. Bill Greene says:

    That is HILARIOUS nothing to worry about, move along, nothing to see here.

    (But Kelleher should do well, with McCain at the top of our ticket, right?)

  3. A Typical White Person says:

    Wonder how many people actually turnout and vote in any Montana election………..

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