Anderson Cooper for VP!

CNN posted some astonishing numbers on June 3rd. Almost as many people watched CNN Tuesday night as watched “The Mole,” a stat virtually unheard of for TV news viewership. And note the way CNN trounced Fox News in the most critical demo. From the Washington Post:

CNN clocked more than 3.5 million viewers in prime time. That’s a 34 percent lead over MSNBC’s more than 2.5 million viewers. It’s also a 47 percent advantage over Fox News Channel’s prime-time crowd of 2.4 million viewers.

Yes, it appears MSNBC edged out FNC in prime time Tuesday.

Among CNN’s prime-time audience, 1.4 million fell into the 25-to-54 age bracket that is the target audience of news operations. MSNBC’s prime-time crowd included just over 1 million 25-to-54-year-olds. CNN logged a whopping 91 percent lead over FNC among 25-to-54-year-olds; FNC’s prime-time audience included 739,000 in the age bracket.

CNN also wants you to know Anderson Cooper’s 10 p.m. program snared more than 4.5 million viewers and was the only cable news program to top 4 mil for an hour Tuesday night.

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  1. MediaGuyAtl says:

    Congrats to CNN! I was at the 84 Conventions with CNN, that was the first year they were treated like the Big 3 Networks, CNN had a huge 3 story booth right along side NBC. Today, that gray hair just might mean something for Anderson after all. Grabbing that most important demo is huge. I guess that means more Viagra ads on Fox news since they are skewing towards the older demos. One thing I wonder though, since this was the Democrats “historic” night, how many of the CNN viewers were Democrats, how many were Republicans and how many were Independents? The left’s hatred for Fox News is apparent in all the leftist blogs. I bet the conventions will show the same averages, however Fox will most likely reign for the Republican while CNN will reign for the Democratic. Plus, I’m sure the Democratic Convention will skew more numbers since the Recreate 68 bunch is still making plans to protest and goodness knows what the Hillary delegates will do when it’s time to vote. Plenty of drama still ahead I’m sure.

    GE just might have to keep MSNBC around through the election. Rumors are flying around GE’s headquarters that MSNBC will be sold or scuttled, unless Bill Gates’ Microsoft can come up with more cash. MSNBC is hemorrhaging cash and GE stockholders are not happy with the performance. Who knows since NBC has made Olbermann, the heir apparent for NBC News, the Kos Kids just might get enough viewers to watch MSNBC and keep it around. Time will tell.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Considering that I have had to hit the “Reply All” button and publicly reprimand (and even ridicule) at least two aging, white male relatives who have (bizarrely) included me on their forwarding list of those lunatic-raving, racist-tinged, anti-Obama, anti-Hillary babbling chain emails, ones seemingly penned by a high school drop-out now residing in a state pen for the last few decades, I’m not at all surprised at how this is shaking-out to be a generational phenomenon.

    And boy once you’re getting only Big Pharm to push only their questionable, often-dangerous toxins/pills on your show, you’re in deep, fading-into-irrelevance advertising territory.

  3. MediaGuyAtl says:

    Spacey, you are hilarious! Maybe you need another type of “often-dangerous toxins/pills to calm your nerves. However, keep up the comedy, it’s quite entertaining.

  4. Bill Greene says:

    There are a number of reasons why CNN is starting to beat FoxNews, even among conservatives. (I used to love FoxNews, but now find myself turning to others since they began wandering off to irrelevancy-land.)

    While FoxNews has been engaging in a love-fest with Hillary and doing their best to stifle honest debate within the GOP itself, CNN has begun to bring in a balance of left and right on many shows, including Cooper’s. And who can deny how great the Glenn Beck show is on CNN’s HeadlineNews?

    A superb example of the comparison and contrast between FoxNews and CNN was after McCain’s worst.speech.ever. on Tuesday night:

    (not sure if PP allows embedding, so click through to see it yourself!)

  5. MediaGuyAtl says:

    Bill, how right you are! Pardon the pun. I hope CNN places Glenn beck in the booth at both conventions. It’s also nice to see Bill Bennett and J.C. Watts on CNN coverage. However, I could do without Cafferty.

    One thing I would like to see debated a bit more on both networks is this incredible tax hike or rather the Cap and Trade bill that is floating around Congress. When I hear a Barbara Boxer say that it’s good to raise taxes at a time when our economy is like it is, I wonder how people like this get re-elected?

    That’s for another thread…

  6. heroV says:

    I’m a huge fan of CNN’s election analysts, particularly David Gergen. He seems to call it right down the middle. They also have a mix of unabashed partisans, which also makes for good discussion. I think they have a good balance.

  7. drjay says:

    maybe people got confused and thought they were watching the mole–since anderson cooper did host the 1st incarnation of it and hillary seemed to be doing her best to destroy her party from w/in the past couple of months…

  8. reagan84 says:

    Could it be – oh I don’t know because this was a liberal church event and republican, let alone conservatives would rather watch paint dry then to listen to the rehashed liberal fascism coming from CNN and Obama – since his is going to MAKE corporations invest in what he wants them to, perhaps they were busy studying their opinions, while the unproductive turned on CNN since Idol is over???

  9. Progressive Dem says:

    Here is an alternative take reagan84. Viewers are fed up with the bias of Fox News, and want to hear the more balanced and diverse set of opinions presented on CNN.

  10. Bill Greene says:

    PD, I’m not “fed up with the bias of Fox News”. I’m fed up with their increasing irrelevancy. I was “fed up with the bias of CNN” for the longest time, but thanks to the challenge from Fox News, CNN has “tempered” their bias, which makes them easier to watch now. Meanwhile, Fox News has swallowed the neo-conservative kool-aid, hook line and sinker, driving real conservatives away in droves.

  11. Progressive Dem says:

    BG, if “real conservatives” see the the FOX neo-conservative bias, it is safe to assume that moderates and independents, who probably represent the bulk of the American public, recognize the bias too.

  12. reagan84 says:

    First point – I never said “real conservatives” watch Fox News religiously. However, (R) epublicans may…I was trying to point out that since there was not a dog in the fight (since Vick is gone) for (R)epublicans let alone conservatives – why would they waste their valuable time watching CNN on a night when there was nothing for them to be too excited about…

    I for one was cleaning or clinging to my bible in the corner with my gun like any typical white person would. I couldn’t use the remote with the bible in one hand and my gun in the other

  13. reagan84 says:

    Oh sorry – Second point – one night in 3 – 7 years! Hold your heads up CNN you sure showd em!

  14. Game Fan says:

    Too bad we can’t construct a conservative robot. Anything would have more passion than what I just witnessed. Something solid that stands for something. Something that doesn’t waffle and run here and there according to the phony polls. Maybe a Reagan Goldwater microchip for starters.

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