New York Gestapo

Ah, liberalism. Coming to Georgia surreptitiously to set up business owners to be sued, how progressive of Bloomberg.

A Smyrna gun shop owner and the city of New York agree on one thing: He wasn’t going to prevail in the city’s lawsuit against out-of-state dealers in U.S. District Court.

Jay Wallace says the trial would have been unfair, and he abandoned his defense, clearing the way for Judge Jack Weinstein to enter a default judgment against him. But Wallace vowed to take the fight to a federal appeals court.

An attorney for New York City and Mayor Michael Bloomberg questioned Tuesday whether Wallace and Adventure Outdoors had any basis to appeal.

I have no doubt the attorney who advised this strategy will be on Obama’s short list for Attorney General.


  1. Painterman says:

    Jay is a great guy and I have done business with him several times. He runs a tight shop. This is all BS from NY. What are they going to do next sue me because I sold a car that later was used in a robbery in NY? I hope Jay can afford to take this to the SCOTUS if needed to get this crap stopped. I really want to know why the NRA has only given a measly 1K to help him? As a member I’m asking the question. No answer yet.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    Ah that great GOPer Blloomberg strikes again

    Painter, I too am disappointed in the lack of action by the NRA. Maybe they were too busy threatening GA legislators …

  3. Icarus says:


    It’s because the FRIGTARDS want him to lose, so they can then send his glossy pics on direct mail as to why more money is urgently needed now at NRA/FRIGTARD HQ.

  4. BubbaRich says:

    I suppose we should be happy that hundreds of guns are being taken from Georgia to kill people in New York.


    If you had a dealership that hundreds of cars were being bought at, often illegally, and then being used to rob banks in New York, then I’d think the State of NY might be after you, too.

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