Growth and Eduction in Forsyth County

Parents are in an uproar about another round of school redistricting.

A final decision in the contentious, months-long redistricting process for the 2009-10 school year has been postponed until Sept. 18.

The Forsyth County Board of Education decided on the delay Thursday after further parents outcry.

In 2009, the district plans to open one middle, one high and three elementary schools, landing thousands of children in new learning environments.

Some residents spoke at Thursday’s session on behalf of communities that have had their district lines redrawn five times since 1998.

“The board has broken its published guidelines and broken commitments to over nine communities by redistricting them five times in eight years,” said Jack Aspenson, who lives in the Castlebrook community.

What the paper fails to really get into is that there are several hotly contested primaries for the Board of Education. The School Board members have punted until after they get through their election.

No one likes to take tough stands before an election.

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  1. etmmj says:

    You know what I think this is about…they are trying to make higher end homes and subdivisions districted to the lowest performing school to ‘water’ down the problem with student achievement. Yeah, they think we are not watching the shenanigans…but oh yes we are!

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