Macon City Council Member Complains That Nobody Cares

Valid point, guy.

“People complain, yet they don’t come to the public hearings,” Chairman Mike Cranford said as the hearing began about 6 p.m., speaking to an audience of other city officials. A few moments earlier, he hummed the “Jeopardy” tune while waiting for the public to arrive. Councilwoman Elaine Lucas said hearings on other topics – “cats, dogs, alcohol, nude dancing” – would have brought residents out in force. “Otherwise, they don’t show,” she said. “That’s a shame. It’s a real shame.”

And, yet, it makes me wonder why they can’t do their jobs right the first time unless someone is there to hold their feet to the fire.


  1. Doug Deal says:


    I live outside Macon now, but the number of times that I stopped work before 6 PM during a normal day could be counted on one finger.

    I do not know what it is like for other people, but if someone wants me to show up to a governmental meeting, it will have to be on the weekend.

    Perhaps Erick could use some of his Web 2.0 savvy and set up live video conferencing.

  2. SouthFultonGuy says:

    Apathy is indeed an issue. Some of it is due “learnt helplessness” where after constituents ongoing participation in the process, they figure out some politicians are just going to do what they want anyway or bow to special interests.

    One also must look however at other means that residents use for feedback including email and phone calls.

  3. Burdell says:

    Maybe local governments should require a quorum of citizens. At least that way, if no one shows up, they can’t make it any worse.

  4. liberator says:

    I’ve spoke at several budget hearings in Macon. They do what they want anyway so why bother. We do need some Nude Bars in Macon bigtime!

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