State Democratic Party Staff Lacks Diversity & Experience

Despite the high probability of an African-American or a female becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee for President, a review of the Georgia Democratic Party’s staff shows that there are no African-Americans or females in any meaningful leadership positions.

Of the fourteen paid staff positions listed on the state Democratic Party’s website, four are held by women and none of the female staffers hold any of the “director” positions (i.e., executive director, communications director, field director, finance director, canvass director, or call center director).

Georgia Politics Unfiltered has learned that two of the Democrats’ four female employees, Anne Bartoletti and Stacey Chavis will be leaving their positions for unspecified reasons. Bartoletti is white and Chavis is black.

With Anne Bartoletti’s departure, the state Democratic Party no longer has any person on paid staff with institutional knowledge of how the Democratic Party of Georgia, including the state Democratic committee and each respective county Democratic Party, works.

The white-washing of the Democratic Party of Georgia’s paid staff comes just two years after the Party had numerous females and minorities on the payroll including a black female deputy director, a black male field director, a black female FEC compliance director, a black male research director, and a white female director of county affairs.

The Democrats’ staff shake-up, in an important election year, has many wondering if the Republicans will be facing any real opposition from the left side of the aisle come November. There are also some questioning why the Democratic Party of Georgia, which has less than $300,000 in the bank according to campaign finance reports, has more employees on payroll than the Georgia Republican Party.

In comparison to the Democrats’ 14 employees and $290,982.89 in the bank, the Georgia GOP has 8 paid staffers and a net cash on hand of more than $1 million.


  1. heroV says:

    what female has a chance of becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee for president? You must be a Clinton supporter who is disconnected from reality.

  2. drjay says:

    the elected leadership of the dpg is still rather diverse–no??? also i story like this in a vacuum is potebtially misleading-when all that staff turnover occurred over the last 2 years–who applied for these positions, was it a “white washing” did 318 highly qualified women of color get turned down in favor of a dozen white guys…the experience and money issues are part of a different problem that your party does need to address to keep pace in the state…

  3. Andre Walker says:


    For the record, I have not applied for a job with the Democratic Party of Georgia.

    I received a tip about the departure of two paid staffers at the DPG, decided to investigate further and write about it.

  4. GOP Girl says:

    I don’t think a revolving door of staff is a bad thing in this type of organization. Isn’t that what the party strives to do? Shouldn’t both parties educate activists/staffers to move on to bigger and better things??

  5. Andre Walker says:


    There was no whining on my part. I followed the application process as outlined by the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) and was previously informed that my site would be considered for the general blogger pool if it was not credentialed as part of the state blogger corps.

    I should also point out that I was not the only black blogger who questioned the diversity of the credentialed blogs by the DNCC. In fact, Francis L. Holland of the Francis L. Holland blog led the charge on the issue.

  6. GAR says:

    You whined. The tone of your post was whining that tondee’s got selected over you. It came across as completely classless. But thats not surprising given your previous posting.

    I’d tell you to go pretend to be a journalist at the capitol (“ooo look at me! I’m a credentialed blogger!), but they’re not in session. So please just stop the whining.

    By the way, how’s that Vernon blog you designed going? HAHAHAHAHA

  7. Andre Walker says:


    It takes a lot of guts to sit behind a computer screen and hurl insults while using a pseudonym that prevents you from ever being held accountable for your words.

    You may believe that I “whined and whined”, but I submit to you that if you go back and read what I wrote, I congratulated Tondee’s Tavern on being credentialed.

    I did not whine.

    Never did I say or imply that I was upset over Tondee’s Tavern being awarded DNCC blogger credentials. What I did do, however, is echo the sentiments of many black bloggers across the nation who questioned the diversity of the DNCC’s state blogger corps.

    Now GAR, I could follow you down that road of petty insults but I won’t.

    What I will do is strongly encourage you to refrain from the personal attacks and limit your comments to the subject matter of this blog entry.

  8. GAR says:


    You’re right, you’re clearly more courageous than me. I mean posting on a blog is really a character building experience.

    Back to the “subject matter,” what about Jane Kidd? Does she not count as a minority (woman) at the DPG?

  9. SouthFultonGuy says:

    The democratic party in practice can exclude and thumb its nose at minorities because 90 plus percent vote democrat unconditionally.

    The party is not held accountable at the ballot by teams of lemmings, so it does as it pleases professing to be the progressive party of “the people” while in reality being rather elitist.

    Its OK to leave the plantation Andre… could not do much worse…SFG

  10. Trevor Southerland says:


    In your research did you find out who all of the applicants were for positions that you’re disputing?

    Did the party hire a white guy with a middle school education over a Harvard educated black guy…?

    It seems to me that as Democrats we’d want our state party to hire the best available person for the job and not set a policy saying that of our staff 50% must be women, 30% must be black, 20% must be latino, 5% must be Asian… etc…

    You claim “white-washing” but yet you give us no proof that either minority employees were fired because they’re minority or that applicants were hired because they’re white.

    It may come as a shock to you, but the Democratic Party of Georgia is working to rebuild after a couple of disasters in elections… so it’s easy to see why they’d have the combination of more staff and less money than the GOP… it’s currently harder for a Democrat to win over votes in Georgia than it is for a Republican.

    Now instead of tearing down the party, I’ll be working to win in November.

  11. Romegaguy says:

    Let me throw out a couple of things…

    Do you really want someone with Institutional Knowledge of the DPG around? Just saying that change might be good

  12. HeartofGa says:

    Tell you what Andre’, instead of blogging, why don’t you focus on your campaign for chair in 2010? Did it occur to you that one of the reasons for staff turnover is that people like you make it their raison d’etre to make their lives hell? When is the last time you thanked or gave credit instead of complaining and criticizing? Oh, wait, that would’ve been when you were on the payroll. Now, that was certainly money poorly spent.

  13. jeffersonthomas says:

    Andre, Mike Cantone and Pat Pullar all belong to the club of disgruntled former DPG employees. Now it looks like they have Stacey and Anne joining. Why don’t you guys just get together and write a book about how the DPG has been so mean to you?

  14. MikeCantone says:

    Jefferson Thomas, Thomas Jefferson? – who the hell are you? I don’t know if we’ve worked together or crossed paths, but I am not a “disgruntled” former employee. And no one is “joining” “us” – whoever that may be (though a conspiracy theory like that of some offshoot rogue Democratic group sounds fun and exciting, that superhero movie is yet to be written and I am WAY TOO BUSY for that much fun and games). I believe both of these very competent women, who were part of a wonderful, hardworking team at the Democratic Party of Georgia, will be fine and both be a part of working to elect great Democrats whether they are employees of the DPG or employees for other Democratic organizations/candidates.

    And just for the record and to be very clear — just as Jane Kidd was my first Georgia candidate, mentor, and idol when I first ran her State Senate campaign, helped elect her as Chair, and while I served her at the DPG, she today still remains a political hero, mentor and idol for me and I am in very close contact with her and her staff helping turn Georgia blue in each and every way we can. Jane Kidd is a visionary, one of the most genuine politicians I’ve ever met or worked for, and someone that I fully believe is the only person who should be in the position of Chair of the DPG right now and who I believe will be a leader in Georgia politics for years to come (and to the benefit of Georgia).

    But thanks for your comment, since we don’t even know each other 🙂 I take that as jealousy or whatever, but that’s fine, the important thing is winning in November…back to work…Take Back Georgia!

  15. Doug Deal says:

    So nice that the only difference between individuals that is important to Democrats is skin tone or sex. If you guys were looking for true diversity, you would look to diversity of ideas and not just grab the talking point fax every morning and regurgitate the latest catch phrases.

  16. Jane says:

    Not to raise too many ruffles, but I wonder how many of the Dem staffers are Straight? I was at Pride a few years ago and one of the selling point for Mary Squires was that she only had one straight staffer. Nothing wrong with that, but Hum,

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