Georgia About To Screw Consumers Again

The gas tax is going up.

Georgians already paying record high prices at the pump are about to get hit again in the pocketbook.

The state’s gasoline tax is set to rise. Georgia officials on Monday will post the new rate that will take effect on July 1st, the start of the fiscal year.

It will be based on the average price of gasoline in the state, which has been soaring.

In Georgia, the price of every gallon of gasoline includes 18.5 cents in state taxes, 18.4 cents in federal taxes and a local tax that varies from county to county.

Automaticatic tax increases should be illegal.

If the GOP were really committed to their allegedly Republican principles they would change this.

But I suspect they won’t.


  1. Romegaguy says:

    Remember when we had one of the cheapest gas taxes? I invite you to drive into Alabama and Tennessee and see gas 20 cents a gallon cheaper than metro Atlanta…

  2. heroV says:

    Hey we gotta pay for all of the GADOT’s road projects. We totally need all of them, too.

  3. SouthFultonGuy says:

    Perdue suspends gas tax increase

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 06/02/08
    With gas prices continuing to spike, Gov. Sonny Perdue moved Monday to suspend a gas tax increase that was supposed to go into effect July 1.

    Perdue’s decision will save most motorists 2.9 cents per gallon. The governor said the move will let Georgians know the state is concerned about gas prices and that the government doesn’t want to take advantage of the situation.

    “I don’t think we can justify raising taxes on gasoline at a time of economic stress on families,” Perdue said.

    If the governor hadn’t acted, the tax on gasoline would have jumped 2.9 cents per gallon, diesel 4.2 cents and aviation fuel 3.6 cents.

    Perdue last month suspended all state taxes on fuel for off-road vehicles used by farmers and timber workers.

    The governor said the state can’t afford to give the same tax break to Georgia drivers. The state is expected to collect about $1 billion in fuel taxes during fiscal 2009, which starts July 1.

    The state fuel tax for drivers – about 18.5 cents per gallon – was slated to go up July 1, when the Department of Revenue resets the rate based on the higher price of gas. Without the governor’s action, it would have risen to more than 21 cents per gallon.

    Perdue suspended gas taxes for all Georgians briefly in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina brought a run-up in prices at the pump.

  4. Rick Day says:

    pffft….what a pathetic fool Sonny is. SUSPEND? What does that mean? Delay? Forever gone?

    I assume the former rather than the latter will be the case.

    This is playing with people lives at the expense of him grabbing a few extra percentage points to his base support, the purpose of is to polish that little bald head; so he looks good to Our Little Manchrurian Candidate’s ™ -masters for Veepee duty.

    Let me ask you people: would you want Purdue to be in line for POTUS in any way, shape or form (besides Pelosi’s position, no easy outs here, pundits!)?

    PS- This automatic gas tax thingie that the Republicans have not attempted to fix: sure makes an easy issue to knock some incumbents off their cushy perches, heh…

  5. jaybird says:

    Not a tax increase but a recalculation of the sales tax on gas. They only recalcuate the sales semi annually on gas, not when the price goes up at the pump.

  6. BubbaRich says:

    Why isn’t the gas tax calculated by sale price instead of sale volume of gas? This seems like a 4-year-old’s attempt to do the same thing, semi-annually.

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