Candidate’s spouse pickets Congressman’s office

This picture was sent along to me this evening:

If you are having problems reading it, the sign says:

Rep David Scott
My wife’s name is
Deborah Honeycutt
Not “That Bitch”
Please be respectful

The picture was sent with this caption:

Andrew Honeycutt, husband of 13th District Congressional Candidate Deborah Honeycutt, picketed Congressman David Scott’s offices in Clayton County and Cobb County demanding an apology for insulting his wife.

According to reports, Congressman David Scott approached a writer for the Atlanta Daily World during qualifying and asked about the 13th District contest, “Are you helping that b—-?”

Andrew Honeycutt sent a letter to Rep. Scott, asking for an apology. Scott did not respond.

“I wanted to give him a chance to respond. This picket is a response to his non-response,” he said, “I’m just asking him to be respectful.”

Andrew Honeycutt picketed at Rep. Scott’s two District Offices wearing a sandwich board.

Anyone else heard this story?


  1. patriot says:

    An apology is the least that is needed. If a white sitting politician had made the comment, there would be a very vocal outcry. Congrats to Mr. Hunnicut. I hope he gets somed publicity focused on Mr. Scott’s arrogance and lack of respect.

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Well…she is a b!tch. Whats the big deal?

    Is there audio or video of Congressman Scott calling her one? I did not think so. Why should Congressman Scott apologize for something that never happened?

  3. SouthFultonGuy says:


    So let me get this straight if there is no video or audio it wasn’t said?

    I don’t know either way, but how are you able definitively state it was not said?

  4. I’ve met Dr. Honeycutt. (Twice). She is not a ‘bitch’ by any stretch and anyone who tries to label her as one ought to either A) have his head examined or B)apologize.

    That’s my opinion. You’re entitled to yours.

  5. yellowb says:

    Congrats to Andrew for sticking up for his wife. He told me about this a few weeks ago and I wasn’t sure he would do it, but he’s as good as his word. The Honeycutt’s are genuine people, and do not deserve that kind of treatment from an elected official. David Scott is a piece of work anyway, so it’s not really surprising. The district deserves someone better to represent them, but Clayton County controls the district and they have a history of voting incompetent people into office.

  6. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I probably comes down to a matter of relativity. Candidates are never bad people, unless they are running against somebody that you admire. Hold no reservations, however, that Honeycutt thinks highly of Congressman Scott…do not think for a second that she has never called him an SOB or a [email protected]

    And, YES, Southfultonguy. If a journalist says something that he/she can not provide audio or video for…it did not happen.

  7. Holly says:

    I don’t know about that Goldwater. I remember being extremely turned off by a Republican I supported some years ago after an incident that let me know his character was not worthy of office. I’d be very careful when suggesting that candidates are never bad people. Sometimes they really are.

  8. Holly says:

    (I’m not suggesting that my comment applies to David Scott. I don’t know him on a personal level and he’s always been nice to me when I’ve had contact with him.)

  9. Goldwater Conservative says:

    There is obviously a double standard involved in this “issue.” (it is not an issue, I think a lot of you are trying to legitimize Honeycutt’s candidacy after her miserable loss in ’06…70% Scott, 30% Honeycutt…come on, anybody that runs again after that is a b!tch)

    Back to the “issue,” if calling a woman a b!tch turns you off, how does getting divorced twice (once without paying alimony or child support, and the other because of an affair with a staffer) not turn you off?

  10. Someone should ask the Honeycutts what they do with the hundreds of thousands of dollars they raise and then spend with affiliated companies during the course of their campaigns.

    One could almost say that she has found her niche and is financing her lifestyle by running losing campaigns (this district is almost 70% Democratic) while appealing to national donors that have a soft spot for a certain type of candidate.

  11. Harry says:

    Do you Democrats not recall how David Scott pays his campaign contributions to his family? That he lives in an upscale Atlanta white hood rather than his own district? The man is scum, and his district is so clueless they keep voting for him.

  12. hotdog7 says:

    Where is the civility? Is a politician without fault merely because he is a democract? I s a husband wrong for protecting his wife’s name? Such partisan anger – Hopefuly God will help all of you discover and fulfill your destinies. In the meantime, check the facts by Democrats for Good Government.

  13. Andrew Honeycutt says:

    South Fulton Guy, Georgiamike, ChrisisHardcore

    I have read your comments and my response is:
    “The Lord bless you, and keep you: The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you: and the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” And may the women of your family always be respected.

  14. Tea Party says:

    The words ‘institutional angst’ come to mind as reg bloggers seem surprisingly testy over this issue…

  15. moocher says:

    “One could almost say that she has found her niche and is financing her lifestyle by running losing campaigns”

    Other then the success of their campaigns, I’d say Scott is cut from a similar cloth.

  16. Goldwater Conservative says:

    No, Bill.

    Her losing by 40% and then trying again makes her a b!tch. As well as the way she spends her campaign money.

    Bill Simon, whats up? I am no coward…I do not need to use my real name. I am not looking for validation…like you. Whats your deal?

  17. Andrew Honeycutt says:

    Goldwater Conservative

    Thank you for your historically accurate enlightening comment. Please provide me with the source of your statement.

  18. Romegaguy says:

    I have a feeling that there will be more comments on this subject matter here than votes for Ms. Honeycutt

  19. voice of reason says:

    How could anyone find fault with a man defending his wife – especially in such a nonagressive, but effective, manner?

    Good for him!

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