Former State Senator Elected To DOT Post

Steve Farrow, who served in the state Senate with now-Gov. Sonny Perdue, won election to the state Transportation Board Thursday.

Farrow on Thursday told his legislators he will report to them. “You are my boss, and that’s the way I will look on this job,” he said. In an interview afterward, he said that, though he will seek the governor’s input, his boss is the Legislature, not the governor.

Farrrow, of Dalton, was a state senator from 1993 to 1996. He is now a lawyer whose work includes defending medical malpractice cases, he said, and he has represented hospitals, insurance companies and governments. He also served on the state ethics commission.


  1. Mountain Republican says:

    Congrats to Steve Farrow for the election. The bigger news, however, is that the caucus elected Rep. Tom Graves to chair the meeting. It was good to see Rep. Graves in a leadership capacity again. After November, hopefully we will see him a lot more.

  2. Had Enough says:

    Clearly a big win for Commissioner Abrahams.

    and a huge loss for those who are out to stop real reform at DOT.

  3. HankRearden says:

    Clearly a huge loss for conservatives. Steve Farrow is still a huge liberal and close friend of the Governor. I guess the Gov needs someone new he could control.

  4. Rpolitic says:

    So the is Farrow and Old Dem?

    And jut curious but when will we have a thread about all of the Old Dems who jumped ship like the cowardly rats they are but still remained Chairman of committees? Bot the Senate and House need to get rid of these tired old liberals.

    Maybe the lite guv with put his big boy panties on this fall and make some real leaadership decisions in the Senate and maybe some Republicans will be in charge finally.

  5. Harry says:


    How is Steve Farrow a huge liberal? Google didn’t provide any such indications. OK he was a Dem when Dem was cool, but let’s not hold that against him. Are you saying he had a liberal voting record while in legislature? Would he advocate road and transit pork and higher taxes? He claims to want to help clean up the DOT mess.

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