Fight breaks out at Coliseum Authority Meeting.

No not Lithonia, not Clayton County, but Augusta:

Augusta, GA — Watchdog Woody Merry came came to bark at Augusta Coliseum Authority board members about not meeting, but Merry’s confrontation with member William Fennoy brought out a Richmond County Deputy, to take statements as Merry took a punch to the right side of his face.

William Fennoy, Treasurer, Augusta Coliseum Authority: “Woody got in my face, followed me inside the building, I asked him to get out of my face, he swung on me, I defended myself…”

Woody Merry, CSRA Help: “We got vocal, he bumped me three times in the chest, three times I said, ‘I will defend myself if you touch me again’, the third I push him away, and he struck me.”

The altercation is another black eye for a board that Augusta state lawmakers tried to abolish during this past session. State Rep. Wayne Howard was at the meeting to introduce a bill calling for a new authority. He says he would be in support if authority members resigned for the good of the community.

State Representative Wayne Howard, (D) Augusta, GA: “My legislation says that, that we should move this board and start a new one. I think it’s pretty clear in my legislation.”


  1. rptrcub says:

    This version of teh Stupid that the Coliseum Authority has is something they’ve been working on for years. They can never keep a competent manager in that place to run what is an arena that was outdated and too small by the time it was finished in the late 70’s, attracting mostly B-list acts (sometimes they’ll get Elton John, Bob Dylan or Willie Nelson) and minor league sports. Having attended one of those meetings to actually cover it, they spend more time arguing than actually getting any business done.

    Woody Merry is not necessarily a help, either. He comes off as an annoying attention seeker. He’s not a bridge-builder; he’s a self-aggrandizer. Kinda like John Oxendine for Richmond County.

  2. Holly says:

    Well, one thing’s for sure. . . gone are the days when people on boards in Augusta fell asleep during meetings. Oy vey, how embarrassing.

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Gosh, Buzz, you have shone a spotlight on the feuding cockroach nest.

    It is truly fortunate that the eyes of the world are on Augusta for only one week a year. For the rest, it slinks back into the routine where insanity rules.

    Augusta, GA is the poster child of bad local government.

    Holly, just tell everyone that you are from Evans. When they ask where that is tell ’em it is a town off of I-20 between Atlanta and Columbia.

    Augusta never changes…never. At this point there is no hope.

  4. drjay says:

    “infighting along so many lines”

    for most of the 10 years i was in the area–the breakdown appeared to be mostly along just one line really…

  5. IndyInjun says:

    Doc, you weren’t a native eh?

    rptrcub – squandered potential, indeed.

    Mostly idiots govern, totally uncompromising in their idiocy.

  6. drjay says:

    no mcg brought me to augusta and i was able to leave when i was done–the 1st week of april is the only time we come back now…

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