Hate-Filled Conservatives Guilty Of More Evil In The World

Pro-Illegal Immigration activists (and those of similar ilk) are unfortunately receiving death threats from a bunch of thugs, as the Atlanta Latino newspaper reports. Of course, it’s all because of the Nazis Stalinists Fascists Satanists Conservatives:

The activist blames the recent threat received by Rich Pellegrino on the attitude that State Sen. Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock), one of the authors of Law 529, Sam Olens, chairman of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, and Neil Warren, the sheriff of Cobb County, have demonstrated toward the immigrant community. To Gonzalez, these incidents are the result of their rhetoric on immigration, which has obvious racial overtones. “Chip Rogers, Neil Warren and Sam Olens have created an environment where people feel they can get away with this kind of action, because if they’re talking about immigration in the way they’re talking about it, then it’s okay for others to react in this way, it’s okay to target immigrants, it’s okay to discriminate against Latinos,” says Gonzalez. “They have created an environment where immigrants are treated as less than human.”



  1. Rpolitic says:

    How quick you, or they, forget that the same paper put a map to Sen. Roger’s house on the front page of the paper and threatened not only the Senator but his wife and children as well. The paper also put other addresses in the article of legislators who supported tightening the laws in Georgia when it come illegal aliens.

    No one group can be responsible for the coward that anonymously threaten people for any reason. But for Mr. Gonzalez to complain now when he was silent before is a farce the paper that spreads his lies and propaganda was the chief conspirator of the threats made against men and women and their families for doing their job.

    On balance if illegal aliens who bring gangs, drugs, prostittution and human trafficking to Georgia and the United States feel threatened, good. Then find another state or country to peddle your slime. And if thosse who protect the illegal aliens feel it too, then maybe they should find better friends and asscociates.

    If you choose to run with criminals, thugs, drug runners and gang bangers and be their mouth piece Mr. Gonzalez then you are part of the crime, and just like any of the other gang wars bad things happen to bad people.

  2. Demonbeck says:

    A close friend of mine who is a naturalized citizen and came into this country legally, supports this law. Illegal aliens and their overall drain on our economy make her ashamed – at times – to admit her Mexican heritage (of which she is otherwise very proud) for fear that people will assume she came here illegally.

    Legal aliens who support illegal aliens are Uncle Toms. They are selling out their heritage for the privilege of living in the mansion.

  3. BubbaRich says:

    I agree with rpolitic. We have plenty of good, domestic gangs, drugs, prostittution and human trafficking, and any foreigners who come to our town can participate with our local criminals, not work so hard on doing it by themselves.

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