The Fulton County Plan To Keep Business: Higher Taxes


Tenants at some of Atlanta’s biggest buildings are facing sharply higher costs because of Fulton County’s revaluation of commercial properties. The projected median increase is 44 percent. At several towers, however, the run-up is even higher.


  1. Ronin says:

    Cobb County is doing this as well.

    After years of using the increased appraisal as a back door tax increase, the counties have been a bit panicky about the dip in real estate prices. They can’t justify a real estate hike on personal homes during a downturn (and the subsequent out cry it would cause). So they seem to be trying to make up for it by further raising the assessed values of commercial properties.

    At least that is what it seems like to me.

  2. moocher says:

    Wait a minute I thought the landlord pays property taxes not the tenant. When you raise taxes it’s about getting those rich, evil landlords; not the lowly tenants.

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