Another Voter ID Lawsuit

From the tip line comes word that the Democratic Party has filed suit against Governor Perdue and Karen Handel over the voter id matter. I guess they’ve digested the Supreme Court’s decision saying it is legal to have a voter ID requirement and they’ve found what they think is a way around the decision.

From the tip line:

Democratic Party of Georgia Inc., a non-profit corporation organized and existing under Georgia law v. Sonny Perdue, as governor; Karen Handel, as secretary of state and chief election official of Georgia; State Election Board; Ms. Gloria Chapman, superintendent of elections for Fulton County, Georgia; Ms. Juanita Eber, chair of the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections; Mrs. Cynthia Williams; Mr. Harry McDonald; Mr. Frank Strickland; Mr. Samuel Westmoreland

5/23/2008 08 cv 151081 Bedford

Declaratory judgment complaint in which the plaintiff contends that is unconstitutional to mandate the enforcement of the photo id requirement as a condition of voting in person on election day. Count one alleges that it is unconstitutional because it imposes an unauthorized additional condition on the fundamental right to vote of hundreds of thousands of registered Georgia voters without Georgia driver’s licenses, passports or other official forms of photo id.

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  1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Digested? The justice Kennedy even said that if the last lawsuit were able to identify more than a hand ful of disenfranchised voters then the ruling may have been different. If the DPG can produce a list of a couple of thousand people…than the lawsuit can swing the other way. It also helps the DPG’s case that GA is covered by VRA Section 5.
    It is not a difficult chore to come up with that list, and it is long. The issue that has not come up too much is that while a couple hundred thousand GA registered voters (that have never been issued, or could have been issued, the proper id) really do not vote anyways. Which does not really matter…this is a matter of principle.

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