Post-Debate Press Conference

I attended the post-debate press conference last night where candidates fielded questions from media and bloggers.

The video is divided into two parts. The first is Mike Gravel. He was in the room before the other candidates and kind of took over the podium and took several questions. LP Media Communication Director Andrew Davis politely asked him to let other candidates come up and take questions and Gravel cocked an attitude. I’m not faulting Gravel, but he could have handled it better.

Here is Gravel:

The second part is loading now. It’ll probably be another hour or so.

Here is the second part of the press conference video. This has all of the candidates answering questions from the media:

Gravel has a hit piece on Barr up around the convention this morning. It reads, “Do you really think we will win the white house? If we run Bob Barr, he will take votes away from McCain, then Obama or Clinton will be president for 8 years with a Democratic Congress. If we run Mike Gravel, he will take votes away from the Democrat and McCain will be president for 4 years with a Democrat Congress. Mke Gravel is our only smart choice!”

Sounds like an endorsement for McCain.