Cagle v. Amerson

The Lt. Governor is taking sides in a contested GOP Primary against the incumbent:

Said Jaillene Hunter, Cagle’s spokeswoman: “The lieutenant governor has agreed to host an event for Steve Gooch. Steve is a personal friend of the lieutenant governor, and he believes Steve will work hard and effectively for North Georgia. The lieutenant governor has no plans to be involved in any other House primaries, and will be actively working to help re-elect House Republicans in districts where they face Democratic challengers.”

The battle is for House District 9, which includes parts of Dawson, Forsyth and Lumpkin Counties.

It’s not sitting well with the folks in the House:

House Majority Caucus Chair Jay Roberts said:

“In a year when Republicans need all their resources to defeat Democrats, it is very troubling that the lieutenant governor would get personally involved in a House primary, no matter what his relationship is to the challenger, and work against a House chairman. Amos Amerson is a proven conservative who is a true gentleman and respected by all in the House. House leadership fully supports Amos and will do everything in our power to defeat his opponent.”

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  1. eehrhart says:

    Eddie Haskell strikes again!!

    “Mrs. Cleaver can you believe that big mean Speaker, (Wally) would retaliate against someone who disagreed with them on that DOT race?”

    “Mrs Cleaver I’m just so shocked myself and would never try to get back at someone, (Amerson), who disagreed with my saintly self”

    This is really no surprise to those who know how he operates. Mr. “I’m above such tactics”, threatened several House members with primary opposition if they would not go his way on DOT. The facade of the Mr. nice guy is starting to crack and more and more people are starting to see the truth.

    And before those of you who disagree jump and say the Speaker did this and that, I am just pointing out what I see is hypocrisy.

    This is a very outrageous action and there really is no excuse. Fortunately for the Senators with primary opposition the House is led by those with the maturity and the knowledge of how bad this is, not to retaliate with a quid pro quo.

  2. Icarus says:

    Why Rep Ehrhart,

    I am shocked, just shocked, at your post.

    It seemed during the year leading up to the implosion of the GreatTax, you didn’t want to answer any direct questions, but only would respond “Why won’t you let the voters decide?”

    Why do you have a problem letting the voters of House District 9 vote to tell you if they like the way the house is currently being managed, or if they want a change?

  3. mitchmartin says:

    “I am just pointing out what I see is hypocrisy.”
    HA. An expert in hypocrisy pointing out hypocrisy in others. Classic.

  4. John Konop says:

    I will give Rep Ehrhart credit for his willingness to exchange ideas on the PP. You have always been thoughtful in your responses from what I have read. I am interested to hear your answer to Icarus’s question.

  5. Painterman says:

    Cagle could always ask his friends with the Georgia Realtors to slip Gooch something on the side you know…wink wink nudge nudge!!!

    Maybe we should start calling the Lt Gov Sergeant Schultz instead….I know nothing….I see nothing… I did nothing….

  6. fishtail says:

    Rep. Ehrhart might best be concerned with the FBI/Justice Department’s indictments of his boss AND the company he works for on Federal corruption charges. When the Feds indict a company and the top employees in that company, it means they consider the company to be so corrupt it should be put out of business. Earl Ehrhart is a Senior Vice President of the company. (The Facility Group). Enough said.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Casey Cagle as “Eddie Haskell.” Quite fitting, Earl. Tall, lanky, and “Golllleee!”

    Perfect caricature. I’m not sure about the Speaker-Wally connection, but Casey Haskell…yeah, that works pretty well.

  8. eehrhart says:


    Your find yourself so smart so often I am surprised you asked such a question.

    Show me please in my post where I said I had a problem with the voters deciding the HD 9 race.

    Please use that brilliance of yours and show me. If not then perhaps you were mistaken.

    Oh the humanity….Icarus being wrong….say it is not so.

    Flying to close to the sun again I see

  9. Icarus says:

    I’ll be glad to, Rep Ehrhart.

    Right after you show me where I’ve found myself “so smart”.

  10. moocher says:

    I don’t think this battle is over the fair tax. If you’re going to criticize Ehrhart for defending a colleague in that race then you’ve got to go after Cagle as well. Amerson voted against Cagle on the DOT vote.

    It seems as if Cagle is going out of his way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when it comes to becoming Governor. At this rate he’ll have the entire House Caucus walking door-to-door in the heat of July to make sure he gets smoked in the Primary.

  11. Icarus says:

    Moocher, Your points in reverse order:

    “Cagle is going out of his way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when it comes to becoming Governor”

    Couldn’t agree more.

    “If you’re going to criticize Ehrhart for defending a colleague…”

    I’m not. I’m criticizing him for continuting the complete lack of decorum between Republican leaders. The “Show us your backside/Be a Man/You’re Eddie Haskell and I’m Hazel” crap needs to stop.

    The House has refused to work with either the Senate or the Governor on any agenda item for over 2 years now. They refused to reveal details of the Great Plan because there were no details that matched the promises made. Period.
    …unless you count the ones that are “back at the office”…but I digress.

    The house leadership wants to act like they are innocent victems, screaming bloody murder anytime anyone in the Senate does something contrary to the wishes of Das Fuehrer Richardson.

    I’m starting to feel like an adult in the front seat, listening to House Members scream “Casey’s on my side of the car”.

    And they’re the ones challenging other leaders to “Be a Man”? Please.

  12. IndyInjun says:


    Let’s give Earl credit for trying to achieve tax reform, something that the participants surely found was a briar patch fully of unknown thorns and unseen consequences.

    And Earl, if y’all are gonna put forth a bill written like HRes 900 or any other broad-based tax reform measure in the future, I will do what I can to help up front before it goes to print. You know, as kind of a critical “heads-up.”

    Serving is a sometimes thankless task, no?

    It is hard sitting right here to see what impact, if any, that Laffer had on that bill. If it was his doing, you hired the wrong guy.

    The Speaker made a huge error to keep pursuing it after the introduced version drew initial criticism. Revising it on the fly was never going to work.

    Fellow PPunditgeers, I certainly have been critical with Earl, but like JK wrote, he deserves a lot of credit for coming on here and discussing things, even if he returns fire with no hesitation.

    I have supported Cagle, but I remain Indy….

  13. moocher says:

    I think the House made a decent attempt at transportation at Cagle screwed it up.

    I know everybody has their own inside baseball version of who was trying to help transportation and who was trying to hurt it, but look at who upset the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber had transportation very high on their agenda and now they are shopping for a new candidate for Governor. Their lobbyists, and influential members, watched transportation go down the tubes and understand who is responsible – it’s not Richardson.

  14. moocher says:


    I’ll readily admit the House, mainly Richardson, has been a little sharp with its rhetoric, but Cagle trying to defeat one of their fellow Caucus members in a Primary is a hell of a lot worse.

    Cagle’s been sitting on the fence for so long he’s gotten a little out of touch with the folks standing on the ground.

  15. moocher says:

    Say what you want about Richardson, Ehrhart, et al, but at least they’ve got the gonads to take a position.

    It’s always easier to criticize somebody once they’ve shown their hand, but if you ever want to accomplish something you’ve got to eventually lay your cards down.

  16. John Konop says:

    In all due respect Rep Ehrhart I do think Icarus has very legitimate questions. Do you like the way the house is currently being managed, and if not how would you change it?

    And once again thank you for exchanging ideas with us and answering questions.

  17. John Konop says:

    Rep Ehrhart

    I would take IndyInjun offer in helping with tax reform. As you know I have finance company and Indy in my opinion is an expert about the tax issue. I always learn something from Indy when he comments about this issue.

  18. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I’m ecstatic that Cagle is going to help Steve Gooch out here…Amerson NEEDS TO GO.

    Amerson is old and smug, plus he doesn’t care about any part of his district other than Lumpkin Co. & Dahlonega, his home.

    He doesn’t do anything for the Dawson Co. and northern Forsyth Co. portion of his district – which now makes up a majority of that district.

    Gooch is from Lumpkin Co. too, but at least he’s expressed a strong desire to actually represent the needs of south Dawson and north Forsyth, if elected.

  19. eehrhart says:


    I would certainly appreciate any help from Indy who I respect a great deal for his ideas or yourself and any many of the folks on here with respect to our next attempt at tax reform.

    And Icarus, C’mon it was an attempt at humor!

    Yes I disagree with Cagle and his behavior but I do not go out and do something as retributive as what he is attempting.

    Actions like his are what has truly fueled the division for the last three years and it really needs to end.

  20. mitchmartin says:

    Rep. Ehrhart’s post above is an outright lie.
    The “division” has solely been the fault of the Speaker, because that is the only way he believes he can retain power. With all his philandering with lobbyists and other embarrassing actions, he knows the only way he will be re-elected as Speaker is to galvanize the House against a common enemy — in this case two common enemies, Casey and the Guv.
    You all have heard his passionate speeches about maintaining the independence of the House. That’s what the override votes were about, the DOT race was about, that’s why he let the Dems off the hook on the car tag tax vote, its why he appointed Smyre to the confernece committee on the transportation tax. He is trying to guard against someone cuttting a deal with the Dems and kicking his sorry butt out of power, which will dry up his lobbyist girlfriend wagon train.
    House members need to wise up and realize this guy is only concerned with keeping power and in so doing continuing his Hugh Hefner lifestyle.
    We can only expect more of the same “division” that Rep. Ehrhart whines about above if Glenn continues to serve as Speaker.

  21. joe says:

    mitchmartin // May 24, 2008 at 8:13 am

    Rep. Ehrhart’s post above is an outright lie.
    The “division” has solely been the fault of the Speaker, because that is the only way he believes he can retain power.

    Talk about an outright lie, there is enough blame for everybody to share. There are no innocents in the Gold Dome.

  22. jillchambers says:

    Thanks to Amos, we were able to amend Senator Chip Rogers’ SB 300 with the vetoed language of my HB 91 to create more transparency and sunshine in state government spending.

    Thanks Chairman Amerson – your House committee leadership is good for GA!

    Yep, there are still a few Republicans who stand for less government, lower taxes and transparency.

  23. eehrhart says:

    Hey Mitch,

    Calling someone a liar behind a false name is really brave. As usual with people like yourself you provide no proof just vitriol.

    Hmmmm “Hugh Hefner” lifestyle???

    Who just returned from a taxpayer paid all inclusive trip to a South American resort for an entire week?

    Not Glenn!!

    The pictures tell a thousand stories too; you should see some of them of the group working hard in meetings.

    And who was overheard asking where the nude beaches were? He actually used another term “T###y beaches” to be exact.

    Take a guess!

  24. mitchmartin says:

    Yep, you are right. Glenn was too busy on a lobbyist-paid trip to Grand Cayman.
    Can you tell us who all was on that trip to Grand Cayman? Because i can tell you every single person that was on the trade mission. Hell, there is even a website about that trip.
    Is Grand Cayman a big trading partner for Georgia? I havent seen those stats anywhere.
    I’m still waiting for the pics to post from that trip. I bet there were some “group meetings” on that trip too.

  25. eehrhart says:


    You sound so like one of his little staffers with your sycophant attitude. Why don’t you use your real name if you want some credibility.

    Ha ha ha Trade mission that really is a good one. Paid for with TAX money. NO SALE!

    A personal vacation paid for with your OWN money is certainly not the same as a taxpayer funded trip/junket, and if you are going to make accusations at least back them up with facts.

    Did your boss ask what the OAS was this time like he asked what the EU was on his last junket?

    That darn basic College level civics! Oh yeah I forgot….do most people know?

    Or were you and he too much in a hurry to get to that particular beach?

    Too funny!

    Were you on the trade / JUNKET mission is that why you know who was there? Did tax money pay for someone to put together a website too? Did we pay for your fun on the beach too? What a waste of our money.

    They should be ashamed.

    C’mon….. show us your name if you have any hint of a backbone and want anyone to take you seriously.

  26. Had Enough says:

    Earl Ehrhart is a disgrace to the state of Georgia.

    There are many others who are too, but none who go online and prove it to the rest of the world.

  27. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Just realized today that Gooch’s campaign treasurer is Lynn Cottrell…wife to Mike Cottrell, a prominent Republican fundraiser in Dahlonega and the same Mike & Lynn Cottrell honored by HR 809, authored by Amos Amerson nevertheless, for donating $10 million to NGCSU’s School of Business.

    I’ll suggest that Gooch should have no trouble raising sufficient money, none at all.

  28. albert says:

    As long as the mission benefits the State of Georgia. Good grief, virtually every legislative body be it local or state has “junkets” or “missions” some of them are merely training sessions. Many are aligned with other governmental agencies from all over that provide valuable information from others you’re not going to get in your own corner.

    The Speaker and his apologists can kiss my pearly white arse.

    They are a disgrace to the State of Georgia and an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

  29. John Konop says:


    I have never met the Speaker or Rep. Ehrhart to my knowledge. My only relationship has been asking question to Rep. Ehrhart on the PP. I do not think anyone would refer to me as an “apologists” for the Speaker or Rep. Ehrhart.

    I am impressed that Rep. Ehrhart would open himself up to questioning from tax payers like me on the PP.

    Finally in a time when lobbyist are controlling the agenda in our State and Federal government I would think a rational tax payer would be concerned about this influence over public policy.

    Would you share with us what you do for a living? I am guess it has something to do with your lack of concern for lobbyist.

  30. albert says:

    John, The dirty little secret of the legislative experience is that lobbyist in fact write probably 90% of the legislation. That is not to say I am not concerned about the role of lobbyist, but that’s like saying all computer geeks are online porn kings. It ain’t so. There is a role for lobbyists in government, however, there is a role of the watchdog as well.

    When a Speaker is caught with an inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist you might have a clue it’s gone a little too far. This Speaker is a political whore and a disgrace (IMHO). What is amazing to me is that his cohorts in the House don’t have the backbone to remove him, which tells me its all about politics and power and nothing about the work of the people.

    He can still kiss my pearly white arse.

    My response was not a reflection of you, or your comment. It’s aimed at the House members. This may be one of the shortest speakerships in History due to this one’s arrogance and own lack of ethics.

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