The Passing of A Georgia Political Legend

I was hired for my first paying journalism gig, many moons ago, by a colleague of Hamilton Jordan’s from their White House years. At the time, Jordan’s name literally rang throughout Georgia, in those post-Carter years when all the Carter Administration were dispersed back home to Georgia to take-up powerful positions in politics and media and business.

I didn’t know the great man personally, although I’ve heard so many tall tales by now I feel like I do. So I’ll let Matt Towery tell the story and the fitting goodbyes.

It was a friend telling me that Hamilton Jordan, former chief-of-staff to Jimmy Carter, had finally lost a valiant, graceful, powerful battle against cancer. The phone just kept ringing after that. With no television, no phones, no Internet, I did what came natural to me. I drove to my office where there was power and wrote this column.

I understand that in the past few decades we have become such a polarized nation that it is impossible to extol the virtues of someone associated with a former Democratic president, particularly an active and often colorful former president such as Jimmy Carter, without immediately upsetting the most partisan of readers. Well, get over it. Hamilton Jordan taught a lot of lessons.

Full obit here.


  1. ChuckEaton says:

    Anyone remember how close the US Senate election was against Wyche Fowler. I’m curious.

  2. drjay says:

    fowler won w/out a runoff about 51 to 31–w/ the others lagging further behind…

    jordan spoke at my graduation from mcg–he seemed like a very special man and the camp for sick kids he helped start is very cool indeed…

  3. fishtail says:

    Hamilton was a friend for 20 years. A wise, funny, decent, and slightly sarcastic (when necessary) man who lived a full life that was ended prematurely. Hamilton will be missed by a lot of folks.

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