Speaker Richardson: How Dare You Want To Look At My Divorce Filings

In a court filing, Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson lashed out at ethics activist George Anderson and the AJC, who wants his divorce file opened to the public.

“Because this case does involve one party as a high-ranking public official, it may tend to cause people such as Anderson to slide from underneath the objects under which they hide to try and gain their own notoriety to justify their own self existence,” Richardson wrote.

What an ass…and I’m not talking about Anderson or the AJC. Is there anything he can’t do without sneering?


  1. Bill Simon says:


    What other purpose would Anderson and the AJC have to look inside divorce papers other than to inflate their own degree of self-worth and contribution to the world?

  2. rabuncountyman says:

    The first question I will ask the GOP candidate for statehouse in my county is will they vote for GR to be speaker again. If the answer is yes I will be of no help to them.

  3. Icarus says:

    “Richardson also disclosed that it was his ex-wife who “requested the matters remain private for the purpose of protecting her financial matters and issues involving the children, including custody, support and education.” ”

    He did it for The Children. And it wasn’t him. It was the wife. yeah, it was the wife…

    No further questions.

  4. Common Sense says:

    Yeah there’s no reason to look inside—except that it is a public file he had his former law partner seal before the public could look at what for every other citizen of the state would be a public document. Maybe if he had had the GREAT plan sealed it’d have had a fighting shot.

  5. The Comma Guy says:

    No reason to look at the pleadings? I hope that comment was sarcasm. Is is not important to know what property is held by the Speaker and his family? How about what their sources of income are? And most damning – how about any allegations of infidelity on behalf of the Speaker – the same allegations that have been whispered for many months now but always dismissed?

    If you don’t want your life to become public, don’t step into the public light.

  6. SFCWallace says:

    “Is is not important to know what property is held by the Speaker and his family? How about what their sources of income are?”
    Aren’t there any number of required financial disclosure forms that this information can be gained from?
    “And most damning – how about any allegations of infidelity on behalf of the Speaker”
    What business is that of yours? You want dirt for dirt’s sake. No pertanent information can be gleened from a divorce proceeding.

  7. SCHagin says:

    Glenn Richardson is my state representative and the judge involved is an elected judge in my county. I have every right to look into the actions of a supposed “open court” in my county and how it is administered by the “elected” judge. This judge had not sealed any divorce records until he did it for his former law partner and the employer of his daughter. This stinks to high heaven and I think the judicial standards commissions should take a serious look at this violation by the judge and if found guilty remove him from office. Also Glenn Richardson should resign his seat in the General Assembly if his divorce records indicate he violated any state laws which some have said the divorce records would show. We already know of his numerous violations of Georgia’s adultery law. That law should be repealed if the court’s & law enforcement officers are not going to enforce it, but while it is on the books we should require our elected officials to abide by it since a violation of that law is a violation of their oath of office, which is a felony. I think Richardson would be an excellent test case. He should be charged with adultery and violation of his oath of office. Also Richardson said he wanted the records sealed so his children would not be embarrassed. If he did not want his children embarrassed he should have not conducted himself in a way to embarrass them.

  8. GOPeach says:

    Hummmm Bill …

    YOU would know all about exposingf “public papers ” to inflate their own degree of self-worth and “contribution to the world”?

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Only those people who have proven themselves to be pathological liars and hell-bent on destroying the innocent bystander lives of those unable to defend themselves.

    Your pals are not “innocent” of anything.

  10. GOPeach says:

    I think Speaker Richardson is a great man and he is not looking for schmoozing from ill-bred perverts who are trying to get access to power by cranking up little consulting businesses.

  11. GOPeach says:

    Clearly you have drunk too many bottles of wine with your Sunday steaks- not to mentioned put on quite a few pounds – I would say that liars and gluttons both go to hell.

  12. GOPeach says:

    AND you have never lied?… I heard that your Sunday steaks and bottles of wine have caused you to become quite fat. Liars & gluttons end up in hell together you know.

  13. Jimbo says:

    I hope the GOP House Members do not choose to elect Richardson as SOH again.

    He has become far too arrogant.

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