Lunacy Erupts After Neal Street Verdict; Derrick Boazman Suggests: “We should be tearing Atlanta apart.”

Former Atlanta police detective Arthur Tesler was found not guilty of the more serious felony charges related to the shooting of Kathryn Johnston on a botched drug raid in 2006. Of course, as night follows day, sheer lunacy began flowing from the mouths of some “community activists” shortly thereafter…

Derrick Boazman (radio host,community activist and former city councilman) had this gem: “One thing we know is this ain’t just. One thing we know is we have people who jaywalk and get more time[.] Ain’t nothing that’s happened with this verdict that we should be proud of. We should be tearing Atlanta apart.”

I’d love to see who is jaywalking in Atlanta and is facing a five year prison sentence. Also, how exactly does Boazman propose we should be “tearing Atlanta apart?” Is it better to destroy the city by zip code or just by a lottery of randomly selected streets where mayhem and destruction is unleashed. Can we tear his street apart first, maybe? Please?

Juanita Wallace (an English Avenue community leader) chimed in with this old chestnut: “By this man being white, he’s getting away with murder. What we need to do as a neighborhood is don’t let him get away with this, and don’t let the system get away with this[.]”

So, Ms. Wallace, if he was black, and was acquitted by the mixed-ethnic jury, then he wouldn’t be getting away with murder? And how do you propose to not “let him get away” with it?

Be sure to check out the link for more inane comments from Sen. “Able” Mabel Thomas (who never met a hat she didn’t want to wear in an inappropriate setting) and Sen. Vincent Fort (who never met a microphone he didn’t want to grab).


  1. SFCWallace says:

    Switch the race of Ms. Wallace and the defendant and she’s nothing but a Southern racist calling for the lynching of an innocent black man. Interesting how these charges only flow in one direction.

  2. CHelf says:

    Tear the city apart? Well there’s one way to fix the problems…tear it apart and start from scratch. Start with the sewer system…give this man a cookie!

  3. JDE says:

    Derrick Boazman is the next Bill Campbell. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. As City councilman he periodically conducted “shake downs ” of white businesses in his district. No difference between him and the mob. He has no visible means of income and is not bright enough to make a living. Need more proof, read his comments above. I bet he’s a product of Atlanta city schools. Nice grammar Derrick.

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