Cracker Racists? In Georgia? Surely You Jest.

Here we go again. A North Fulton-based magazine has stupidly chosen a very dubious picture of Obama (in cross hairs) for the cover of their rag, the Roswell Beacon. With a piece inside the not-so-delicate cover that brings-up some issues that likely need to be discussed here in Georgia: violent, white supremacist groups headquartered in the north metro Atlanta area.

Talk about a way to distribute dead-tree items in that neck of the woods, though. I will give ’em that. Although they’ve lost at least one advertiser already with this, again, stupid cover choice of theirs. (As of 9:20am today, there is no online version of this story or controversial picture to link you to. Sorry.)

A Roswell, GA Daily Kos “diarist” (a regional blogger contributor) got a’holt of the mag though, and now everyone’s breathing down Georgia’s back. Again. And maybe that’s a good thing. From today’s AJC:

A Roswell newspaper is defending a controversial cover illustration that placed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in a rifle’s cross hairs.

The article was pitched and reported by veteran freelance journalist Alan Sverdlik, who said he was curious how law enforcement agencies were handling the increased number of threats lodged against Obama by white supremacist groups, some of whom are based around north Fulton. Sverdlik said Tuesday he had not seen the cover and had no input in its development.

Fredericks and senior editor Tim Altork said there was little internal debate over the appropriateness of the imagery, though they were aware it was likely to create a stir.

“We knew we were on the provocative edge,” Altork said. “But it’s a very fair piece, a smart piece.”

Full story here.

FYI, neither the veteran-y freelance writer of the Roswell Beacon article, Alan Sverdlik, nor his editor, Tim Altork (a former sports writer for the laughably awful Sunday Paper), is a member of the Atlanta Press Club. So are they even “real” journalists after all?

More interesting to me, Mrs. Media Maven, is how will the Georgia blogosphere determine the fate of the Roswell Beacon (and their advertising revenue stream) now? Heads-up media types; anyone interested in ad rev to dead-tree items, you may want to watch how this one plays out, and pays out, here in GA.


  1. Ms_midtown says:

    What an idiot, I mean LEGAL IDIOT.
    This is not political satire
    This is Al Qaeda like sickness.
    The Secret Service should come down on this guy, we have never allowed the first amendment to allow symbolic death threats.
    It’s also a meaningles drivel article,
    “The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the dean of watchdogs, has elevated its terror alerts”
    Huh? ……..
    “Some research, however, seems to suggest that the alerts are overkill, considering that Obama has done such a good job allaying the grievances of the white, working-class electorate over affirmative action, minority entitlements and other emotional issues”

    What is this man talking about????

  2. Progressive Dem says:

    Mike Huckabee’s comments at the NRA were equally offensive and even more stupid given his position.

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