Richardson to candidates: Don’t sign that pledge

Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson is telling candidates to be careful as to what questionnaires they fill out an what pledges they sign:

Now that you have qualified for office, you will no doubt be receiving many pieces of advice and counsel. In addition, you will be receiving requests from many various and sundry organizations to fill out questionnaires, signed commitments and pledges.

I highly recommend you not respond to any questionnaires and definitely do not sign any pledges or commitments until you have sought counsel from your consultant, other elected representatives and me. Too many times I have seen people who sign pledges and commitments, not fully understanding what they are signing, only to have the action used against them later.

Some of the groups distributing surveys are very good and reputable, but many are not. Many that participate in this process are somehow, some way getting money to advance their cause. Their only goal is to use these documents to advance such a cause, not help you.

Here is an example, there were many legislators that took a pledge from Americans for Tax Reform to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.” Too bad many of them weren’t able to keep their word.

Essentially what King Glenn is saying is, don’t sign pledges for organizations that may have an agenda, but support causes of rentseeking special interests that the he supports.


  1. SouthFultonGuy says:

    It is refreshing to hear Speaker Richardson’s compassion for and counsel to his colleagues. I suspect some of them have advice for him too.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    He could have been referring to Georgia Right to Life. I understand the Speakre and GRTL had some issues this past session…

  3. CHelf says:

    Don’t claim to be a Republican and espouse those principles either. The party or the Dems might raise money on that pledge and subsequent violations as well….

  4. BJ Van Gundy says:

    What he meant to tell them is that they are pledged to him and no one else when elected.

    He meant to say “don’t make any pledges that you will have to break in order to do my bidding and my bidding only so that you can keep your committee position.”

    GR has GOT TO GO as Speaker. We the people of Georgia didn’t elect him to be doing what he is doing and I think it quite pathetic of any of our House members that can’t get their courage up to vote him out of the Speakership. Y’all want to be called our leaders… well then lead!

    Well… I’ve found my courage and after the power grab that he attempted last year with the Great Scam (whatever happened to “[I am a Republican because] I BELIEVE the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people”), his power happy activities and lording over the committees (to include this whole Hawk thing), his total ignoring of those 4 things that the GOP bragged were going to be a test of any legislation going forward (after 2004) and his numerous personal peccadilloes I’m ready for someone else to step up and lead our Republicans in the House.

    Please Ladies and Gentlemen of the House. Do the RIGHT thing and not just that which keeps your precious chairmanship of some committee. If enough of you will step up you will be able to keep your chairmanships AND be proud of the Speaker. Something none of you can do right now.

    Just my 2 cents adjusted for inflation…

  5. CHelf says:


    It would be three paper bags full to use the old school monetary units of measure.

  6. Annoyed Dawg says:

    I don’t understand “conservatives” anymore. They seem more interested in who signed what survey than they are in what kind of representation they’re getting. How is that helpful to Republicans? Shouldn’t representing the people be the foremost responsibility? If so, then who cares what pledges they’ve signed?

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