Incompetent Clayton County District Attorney: “Debates don’t mean anything.”

This is the District Attorney of Clayton County, Jewel Scott. Ms. Scott was voted into office nearly four years ago after the foolish voters there decided they had had enough of competent, tough prosecution from District Attorney Bob Keller.

When she was elected, Jewel Scott had never in her legal career taken a single criminal case to trial. As of today, that fact remains true. Zero. Na-da. Zip.

Now, Tracy Graham-Lawson, a juvenile court judge with actual experience in prosecution, says District Attorney Jewel Scott should have to answer for the “incompetence” in her office, as the Clayton County Daily News is reporting. Ms. Graham-Lawson, who actually has tried many criminal cases in her career, is trying to replace Ms. Scott. She also wants to debate Ms. Scott who, unfortunately, has other ideas.

“There is so much wrong in that office, and someone has to say enough is enough,” Graham-Lawson said. She cited the extensive backlog of cases and two recent grand jury indictments which were thrown out of court, as examples of Scott’s alleged inexperience and reasons she shouldn’t be re-elected.

But does Jewel Scott think that a debate is a good way to directly tackle and address the concerns of the community?

“I don’t want to debate,” [Jewel Scott] said. “I’ve never debated. I’ve always just campaigned and talked to my constituents. Debates don’t mean anything. It’s working and getting things done that matters.”

This is the same woman who laughably has her husband in her office as a “Chief of Staff” (a ridiculous position if you’ve ever been in a prosecution office) and who is being sued for $1 million by a former employee. Meanwhile, she can’t seem to get indictments in high profile cases drawn properly.

Clayton County: again, it’s okay to be responsible with your vote and use it to actually improve your community. It is time to vote for a District Attorney candidate who actually has experience (gasp!) in criminal law and who knows what they are doing. Actually do some research this time around.


  1. rptrcub says:

    This woman was responsible for the botching up of an air-tight carjacking case in Clayton County, of which a good friend of mine was a victim a few years back. Essentially, her incompetent ADA allowed the defense to portray my friend (who is white) as a racist who couldn’t tell black people apart, and allowed the jury to acquit the already several-times-convicted felon. I hope she and her entire office go down in flames. Grrrrrr.

  2. Rick Day says:

    Look, a sistahs gotta do what a sistahs gotta do. Folk complain about ‘activist’ judges. Well, we have an ‘activist’ DA.
    Maybe she has an INCOMPETENT STAFF. Seems the bulk of the beef is administrative.

    And she is right, debate is polite structured MEANINGLESS arguing. It does not change anything. It allows two people to show how little they really know about the other sides POV, and for dominant personalities to..dominate.

    Let see…a judge (who, arguably, is politically motivated to run for..*gasp* DA!) is looking to ‘debate’ an elected DA about what a horrible job said DA is doing. Hm.

    And you are goofin’ on said DA for declining?

    Bi*ch, please!

  3. The Comma Guy says:

    No, the real reason she doesn’t want to do the debate is that she won’t be able to read the statements prepared by her husband, who is really running the DA’s office. Too bad he can’t be the DA and has to use her as his puppet.

    Think about all the problems in Clayton County and when they all started – when Lee Scott and his cronies got elected into office.

  4. Bill Simon says:


    I am convinced that you would just as soon have no laws that have to be enforced. Fine with me. Just hope you don’t mind any gun laws not being enforced.

  5. Rogue109 says:

    Maybe she has an INCOMPETENT STAFF. Seems the bulk of the beef is administrative.

    Rick: Above are two sentences that you wrote back-to-back. Please read them again and note that you have, even under your own criteria, pointed out how inept she is.

    If all she has to do is “administrative” work, then why can’t she hire a competent staff?

  6. Romegaguy says:

    Usually whenever I see the phrase “incompetent” and “DA” in the same sentence I think of Paul Howard

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