I Bet This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg Of His Email Account

Senator Dougl-ASS is probably desperatly trying to delete emails after this exchange became public.

I just find it funny that Dougl-ASS, after all of the name calling he has done just on this site, wanted the Conyers city council to apologize to him “for the name calling and unprofessional actions shown last summer.”

Maybe we’ll have an interesting primary race down there this year.


  1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Yawn…..Whatever dude.

    I called Douglas out last summer and I got jumped on by Seth Millican (who I respect) and Donkey Schlong who is obviously some c***k s*cking party hack. No one else came ot my defense except for Skeptical, who probably got banned for his crime.

    That said, I really wasn’t disturbed by Douglas’s emails, his only crime was exposing the everyday things that all elected officials try to cover up…I mean come on, do you not think for a moment that Mr. Richardson isn’t doing the same thing?

  2. Chris says:

    In order of Sleaze:

    Ben Crystal
    Mike Crotts
    Glenn Richardson
    John Douglas

    Sen. Douglas may not be the best Republican in the party, but he is far from the worst.

  3. Skeptical says:

    Still here. Not banned yet. Still loathe that total piece of scum with a white hot passion.

  4. Memorandum

    To: All politicians

    From: Buzz Brockway

    RE: Your email account.

    Don’t send an email to someone that contains words, comments, phrases or images you don’t want made public.

    If you don’t mind being embarrassed from time to time then by all means type whatever pops into your brain.

  5. Danny says:

    “Integrity Matters” huh?

    So “Newton’s Own” John Douglas receives a phone call from the Newton Citizen regarding this matter & he hangs up on the reporter? Is he representing a district or is he incapable of mounting a credible defense?

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