Everhart: “John McCain is kind of like Jesus Christ”

I don’t know what possessed Sue Everhart to compare John McCain to Jesus — especially in light of the controversy swirling around the messianic overtones of another Presidential candidate’s current campaign — but apparently she did it anyway:

Georgia Republican Party chairwoman Sue Everhart said Saturday that the party’s presumed presidential nominee has a lot in common with Jesus Christ.

“John McCain is kind of like Jesus Christ on the cross,” Everhart said as she began the second day of the state GOP convention. “He never denounced God, either.”

Everhart was praising McCain for never denouncing the United States while he was being tortured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

“I’m not trying to compare John McCain to Jesus Christ, I’m looking at the pain that was there,” she said.

I wasn’t there to hear the speech; does anybody have some context to add to this seven-line AJC report?


  1. drjay says:

    from where i sat–and my interpretation may be off–but it was said in the context of the POW experience and his steadfastness and cont’d love and service to the country in those circumstances being a little like jesus accepting his fate and suffering on the cross–it also appeared that once she said it out loud she realized it did not come out right b/c she (in an otherwise well delivered speech) kinda stumbled over the explanation of what she meant and making sure we knew she was not actually comparing mccain to Christ–to have been an offhand remark as it appeared its funny that its getting so much airtime…

  2. Chris says:

    Christ never renounced God, even under great suffering. McCain never renounced the United States, even under great suffering.

    That was the jist of what Sue tried to say, I wasn’t paying close attention, so I’m not sure exactly how she delivered it.

  3. Rick Day says:

    I think she was referencing Jesus, the guy who mows her lawn. Except he has a Deere…not..a..

    Or perhaps….Tax Jesus ™ ??!!???!

    dun dun DUNNNNNNNNN….

  4. John Konop says:

    I do like and respect Sue

    I was not in the meeting and I do not speak for Sue. But I think she was merely making a point about the sacrifice McCain made for our country as a POW. I am no McCain fan but I have tremendous respect for his military service.

  5. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Sue is doing exactly what her party needs her to do.

    The GOP can not win any of the debates on the climate crisis, healthcare, the economy, energy policy, or even national security. The only way that McCain will win & the only way the GOP will lose only 5 Senate seats & the only way the GOP will only lose 15-20 more House seats is to distract their base from looking in their wallets…and to remind them that guns and religion are what matter in the election.

    What ever double entendres you can draw up are irrelevant…they will continue to occur. The GOP has some serious problems and will continue to have these problems for a very long time. We thought the Democrats had problems within the party…well, their are rifts but they are not deep. The GOP may very well face divisions that may in fact develop into shadow parties. It is not a conservative vs. liberal problem…it is a conservative vs. anti-liberal (using the actual definition of the word liberal) problem.

    There is no reverence for the latitudinarian within a great majority of the GOP. Those that remain, well…they are labeled as traitors. It was not too long ago that Fox News pundits and conservative talk radios hosts were saying this of McCain. They are trying to change the channel and change your mind…but the persistence of a “we need a true conservative” mentality is going to ideologically rip the GOP apart.

  6. Skeptic Tank says:

    I was there and heard Sue’s speech . . . the account in the Journal-Constitution is accurate. You can’t say her remarks were taken out of context, because they weren’t.

  7. Painterman says:

    Chris has it right. She was refering to staying on target in the face of great pain and suffering.

  8. kendrial says:

    While a hard worker, Sue does not have the gift of being able to convey what she means. Her speeches at the V. dinner were not much better. May I suggest a toast masters class?

  9. debbie0040 says:

    Sue made it clear that she did not mean to compare McCain to Jesus. She was talking about the suffering both did.

    Lay off her. She has made a good chairman..

  10. maryg2g says:

    Using words of her own choosing, she actually did compare McCain to Jesus–meaning there are a bazillion other people to whom she could have compared McCain.

    Just curious if any of the evangelical Republicans in the room that day stood to their feet to defend the Jesus they claim to know. Most of them probably attended church the next morning. Some of them were probably at the Right to Life prayer event the night before.

    I know Jesus personally, & John McCain is no Jesus.

    God help us for white-washing this.

  11. Bill Simon says:


    I think you’re getting a little bit over-hysterical. But, then again, you’re likely some kind of whack-job whose knee jerks at just about everything in life.

  12. ProfG says:

    Bill S., I was right there when Sue E. made that remark, and I can tell you, maryg2g isn’t “knee-jerking” anything. It was more like “head-jerking” – every single person on my row jerked our head towards each other and said, “Did she REALLY just say what I thought I heard her say?”

    I mean, seriously. That was one of the most ridiculous and unnecessary things I’ve ever heard anyone say in a speech, and I’ve heard a lot of dumb speeches (I especially heard a lot of dumb ones that day, mostly about how we need to “rally ’round McCain, boys”).

    But then again, just a couple of hours later, in the meeting afterwards for delegates and alternates going to Minnesota, Sue E. reminded everyone that “we do our work in the evenings, and party until morning… and there are cocktail brunches, so we can go to the convention in the evenings drunk!”


  13. Bill Simon says:


    SERIOUSLY…do you believe John McCain suffered less than Jesus did?

    Jesus was nailed to a cross and bled-out for how many days…? Three? Five?

    John McCain was beaten nearly every day for FIVE YEARS.

    Sue let her emotions get the best of her when talking about what McCain went through…but, I know a clown like YOU has never made a mistake.

    Knee-jerk is quite appropriate a term. Maybe you need to just place your head lower so that the force of your knee hits you harder to knock some sense into you. 🙂

  14. Bill Simon says:


    You either misheard Sue OR you are deliberately lying. This is what Sue said:

    ” and there are cocktail brunches, but don’t go to the convention in the evenings drunk!”

    My suspicion is you’re a lying piece of sh*t.

  15. debbie0040 says:

    Everyone did a head turn, but Sue immediately realized what was said and made it clear that she was not comparing McCain to Jesus she was just referring to the suffering.

    I think everyone has said things that are mis-understood and construed as something they did not mean. I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt because no one is perfect.
    I have also known Sue a long time and know that it was a slip of the tongue. We have had our differences at times, but I don’t think for a moment she really meant to say that McCain was like Jesus.

    I was a delegate to the 1988 Convention in New Orleans. Most of the serious work had already been done by the time we got there. (Platform) Our main jobs were to party like heck and to applaude at the right time. We partied before and after the convention. Earliest I made it back to the hotel all week was 3 am…

    ProfG is honest, not a lying piece of sh*t. Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean they are liars.. When he goes to the convention, he will realize it is more an honor than real responsibility…

  16. Bill Simon says:

    Rumor has it that ProfG/Bill Greene went on a radio show claiming to be someone he was not and railed against John McCain.

    If true, then the man that can lie once can lie again, and again, and again…

  17. Bill Simon says:

    Once again…to the MORONIC Knee-jerkers in the convention audience, Sue did NOT say “John McCain was like Jesus”…

    She was referring to the fact that while McCain was held captive for 5 years and beaten and tortured, it reminded her of the suffering that Jesus went through.

    Bill Greene, MaryG, and ANYONE else who cannot pull their head out of their own rear-ends and THINK about what she was inferring ought to just remove themselves from the Republican Party and go join the I Cannot Think For Myself, Therefore I Am Not A Republican Party.

  18. Bill Greene says:

    Bill S., I’m surprised at you. I had just begun to think more highly of you, then you pull nonsense like this.

    Were you there, at the convention or in the meeting I described? Did you hear her exact words in both places? I was, and I did.

    I didn’t say Sue E. didn’t make a mistake. I said that what she said was ridiculous and unnecessary. It really DID cause everyone on my row to jerk our heads and ask that question. Why would I make that up?

    I’m not dumb, Bill S. I know what she was “referring to.” But, like so many politicians, the way she said was surprising, offensive, and, well, just plain dumb. I’m not saying anything, I’m just sayin’.

    And she really DID say what I said she said in the meeting afterwards (which, unless you’re a delegate or alternate, you were NOT at). The guy beside me looked at me at the same time I looked at him, and we both cracked up, saying, “Well, maybe Ron Paul has a chance there after all!”

    So I guess maybe BOTH of us “misheard” Sue E. at that meeting. And I guess maybe every one of us on that row at the convention misheard her say, “John McCain is kind of like Jesus Christ on the cross.” I guess maybe we’re all just a few steps down on the intellectual ladder than you are, Bill S.

    Thank goodness you’re here to help us all become a little bit more like you, day by day. Gee, I guess that means that Bill Simon is kind of like Jesus Christ… not.

  19. Bill Greene says:

    Rumor has it that ProfG/Bill Greene went on a radio show claiming to be someone he was not and railed against John McCain.

    If true, then the man that can lie once can lie again, and again, and again…

    Bill S., what is up with you? I mean, what the heck are you talking about? If I went on a radio show and railed against John McCain, why in the world would I claim to be someone else? For pete’s sake, I went on Cavuto and did it in front of God and everyone.

    Why this vendetta? Here I thought you were a nice guy.

  20. Bill Simon says:


    I was at the convention and heard what Sue said about the McCain thing.

    I did speak with someone who was in the delegate meeting and told me what she was referring to.

    And, Bill, I’m really not a “nice guy” when it comes to dealing with people that have (regardless of the size of the group) knee-jerk reactions like they’re 12 years old.

  21. Bill Greene says:

    Bill S.,

    You weren’t in that meeting. I was. So was the guy sitting next to me who heard the same thing as I did, and made the same comment at the same time as I did. Your “someone” notwithstanding.

    And it seems to me that spreading rumors and lies about someone is more “12-years-oldish” than many other behaviors. 🙂

  22. maryg2g says:

    Bill Simon, you are absolutely correct! Sue did not say, “John McCain was like Jesus.” She said, “John McCain is kind of like Jesus Christ on the cross.” I did not realize that you needed each of us to requote verbatim the quote that was already quoted at the top of this thread each time we replied to it. Perhaps you didn’t see it up there, but I just assumed all skilled readers would know to refer to the original post before commenting.

    Thank you for pointing out another oversight to me. I should have addressed my previous post specifically to evangelicals. My comments were meant to embolden them in their faith—no matter the circumstance. So, I do not think my post would have been intended for you, & I should have been more clear about that.

    Finally, thank you for interpreting for Sue Everhart. It’s amazing how thousands of people can read the same thing, but only one special person like you can accurately discern its true meaning & enlighten the rest of us with such silver-tongued eloquence.

  23. drjay says:

    i think a great many of us were at the convention and yes a lot of us kinda shook our heads when sue made this particular comment–in fact it seemed pretty obvious that once she said it out loud she realized it was not what she wanted to canvey and immediately qualified her statement–the media likes to take little jabs at gop’s and found some low lying fruit to tweak us w/…

  24. Bill Simon says:


    Thanks, but I eat plenty of fiber.

    HOWEVER, perhaps you’d care to explain this excerpt from your e-mail dated April 28, 2008:

    “Fellow Ron Paul Supporters,

    We have a chance to WIN at the Republican National Convention… but
    our backup plan has even MORE of a chance. Please take a couple of
    minutes to read this letter, and let me explain.”

    “I am an elected Alternate Delegate to the Republican National
    Convention, from Georgia….

    “I am writing to you today to let you know about an exciting project we
    have launched, and to ask you to help us make this project a success.

    “It’s a new political committee, which operates much like a PAC, but
    exists to support [Ron Paul] delegates only…It’s called DELEGATES FOR RON PAUL FOR VICE PRESIDENT.”

    I wonder, Mr. Green, if this “PAC” of yours isn’t in violation of federal election law.

    HOW are you getting financing? Are you filed under a 527? 501(c)(3)? How are you scamming people to contribute to this PAC, Bill? How are you and your fellow “paupers” surviving on $4.00 per gallon gas while whining to credentials committees all over the country that “We just don’t have the $65 fee to attend the state convention…woe is us…”

  25. Bill Greene says:

    Bill S., you need to learn something about FEC regulations before you run your big fat mouth.


    It’s NOT a PAC – as the email clearly states – it’s an independent Delegate Committee, supporting a particular candidate for VICE President – in this case, Ron Paul. And – as the email clearly states – a delegate committee is a “political committee” under 11 CFR 110.14(b)(2). The FEC committee number is C00448597. Here’s a link to help explain it to you in smaller syllables, so you don’t feel so stupid next time, standing in front of everyone with your pants down:


    We get financing just like any other political committee: people *donate* to it. It’s brand new, so it hasn’t even filed its first report — but you’re more than welcome to follow along:


    You know what, Bill S.? You’re an idiot. I was really, really trying hard to start giving you the benefit of the doubt. But I learned my lesson. You’re an idiot, you have no idea what you’re talking about, you take anything you can find and either lie about it or take it out of context so you can spin it to something negative, and you just generally do whatever you can to make others look small so you can look bigger. I seriously believe you might have larger mental issues here than are evident on the surface (the ones on the surface are big enough), and I recommend you seek psychiatric help before you’re too far gone. Although, judging from what I see from you here over and over, it may be too late.

    Do you self-medicate? That might be part of the problem.

    I now expect you to show just how small you really are, by releasing a series of profanities and expletives to try and cover up your shortcomings. As usual.

    What a sad, sad little man you are, Bill Simon.

  26. Bill Simon says:

    Bill, Bill, Bill…

    Seriously, is the only reason you came to the Republican Party is because Ron Paul declared himself to “be” a Republican for the purpose of runnign for President?

    That doesn’t seem like a very sound reason…one usually decides to become a member of a political party because they have a set of principles and they look at the principles of political party “A” and party “B” and so on…and decide for themselves.

    You’re not really a Republican, are you, Bill? You’re more of a “Constitutional Party” person which is NOT a party that truly adheres to the US Constitution. They fabricate their own interpretations and wish to re-write the Constitution in their own image of whacky ideas about this country.

    The fact is, Bill, you’re a fraud…you’re not a Republican. Quit saying you are because you’re not.

  27. Bill Greene says:

    Once again, Bill… what the heck are you talking about?

    I’ve been a Republican for 20 years, since I was in grad school. Why am I a Republican? Try this on for size:


    Seriously, “is the only reason you came to the Republican Party is” [sic] because you figured we’re more easily offended by lies, slanders, false rumors, and character assassinations, and profane ravings by madmen and idiots like yourself — and that’s the only way you can feel like a real man, by offending others?

    The fact is, Bill Simon, as you have proven on this blog and in many other places time and again, you have no principles – at least no true Republican principles, as outlined above. You’re not a Republican; like many of our “leaders” (which you are thankfully not one of), you are a RINO. You’re not a real Republican. You’re not even a real man, so quit pretending to be one.

    And please, seek help. If not psychiatric, perhaps spiritual.

  28. Bill Greene says:

    You know what’s really funny? Every time Bill Simon is shown what an idiotic comment he’s just made, he avoids the facts, ignores what has just been said, and never ever bothers to apologize for his ignorance, his lies, or his baseless attacks.

    Just read from the top of this page, down to here. You’ll see what I mean.

    Anyone see a pattern emerging?


    What a sad, sad man Bill Simon is. Let us pity him.

  29. Bill Simon says:


    “RINOS” do not go vote in every Republican primary since 1988. So, stuff that notion down your gullet, Moron.

    Now, there is a chance I have been misinformed about you. Not having any real dealings with you, that is completely possible.

    So, without accusing you of being this person, were you at one time, the subject of a ban on Wikipedia under the name “ProfG” which is a screen name YOU have used quite frequently on this blog and others:


    (And, as I read further into the discussions of your activity on Wikipedia, it is you)

  30. Bill Simon says:

    (This is not addressing anyone in particular…but, just a musing….)

    If the Bible is true and God made Man from His own image…AND Christians believe that Jesus was the Son of God, then WHY all of the apoplectic reactions from people in the audience like MaryG and Bill Greene when Sue made a reference between John McCain’s suffering and Jesus’s suffering?


    Yeah…I thought not. Idiots.

  31. Bill Simon says:


    By the way…RINOs don’t waste their time voting in the Republican primaries for close to 20 years.

    Check my voting record, Dickhead.

  32. Bill Greene,

    You have to understand that your actions and the groups you’re involved in will cause people to question your motives. As shown here, your stated purpose for attending the GOP National Convention is to topple McCain and replace him with Paul. If that fails you and your friends will try to force the convention to take Paul as the VP.

    Certainly there is unease at McCain’s pending nomination but to think that the GOP delegates are going to replace McCain with Ron Paul is fanciful at best. Your very vocal and public involvement in this effort raises questions about you Bill.

    You may not like McCain but he won the GOP nomination fair and square and it’s time to support him. If you can’t support him then perhaps you shouldn’t be going to the National Convention.

  33. Bill Greene says:

    And Bill Simon never fails to deliver, with insults, profanities and expletives galore.

    And please note that, once again, after he was shown what an idiotic comment he’d just made, he avoided the facts, ignored what had just been said, and never ever bothered to apologize for his ignorance, his lies, or his baseless attacks. Instead, to once again try to make himself feel “bigger” by trying to make everyone else look “smaller,” he decides to attack Christianity and those who sincerely adhere to it — something about which he knows absolutely NOTHING. But hey, that’s never stopped him before.

    And by the way, Bill S… RINOs vote in GOP primaries for many, many years. Lincoln Chafee, Arlen Specter, Chris Shay, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snowe — check THEIR voting records, um, you there.

    What a sad, little man you are, Bill Simon.

  34. John Konop says:

    Buzz Brockway

    The small tent attitude toward libertarian/fiscal conservative republicans against the nation building foreign policy is why the GOP will get killed in 08.

    They will vote for Bob Barr or not at all.

  35. Bill Simon says:

    Bill G,

    You are hardly the example of truth and justice in the world. I am not going to “retract” or “apologize” for anything I’ve directed at you.

    Why? Because I know you are a kook…and kooks tend to be unreliable people for telling the truth. Sure, you may have some examples of truth-telling here and there, but all in all, you’re classifed as a whackjob, your Republican “credentials” notwithstanding.

  36. John,

    It’s not a “small tent attitude” to say people like Bill Greene should accept the results of the primaries. McCain won. It’s over. Don’t pretend to be a loyal Republican by filling people’s minds with flights of fancy like “Ron Paul can still win the nomination” or “we’ll force the GOP to make Ron the VP.”

    That’s not how you win friends and influence people.

  37. Bill Simon says:

    And, while I’m on the subject, let’s review the fine world of govrenment from the federal level to the state that the “Alwayve Vote Pro-Life” crowd has wrought upon us:

    George W. Bush’s Part D Medicare crap, No Child Left Behind, NAFTA, a depressed dollar…but, hey, he’s “pro-life!”

    Kathy Cox: Wow! What a wonderful job she’s done as edumacation sooperintendent. But, hey, she’s pro-life..let’s keep her in there FOREVER!

    Governor Perdue: Gawlllllleeee! I’ll be pro-life and claim I’m a Republican just to win votes…but, I just won’t govern as one if that’s all right with you folks.

    Wow! You pro-lifers have really given the world fine FINE examples of what Republican-led guvment is ALL about.

  38. Bill Simon says:

    And, while I’m on the subject, let’s review the fine world of govrenment from the federal level to the state that the “Always Vote Pro-Life” crowd has wrought upon us:

    George W. Bush’s Part D Medicare crap, No Child Left Behind, NAFTA, a depressed dollar…but, hey, he’s “pro-life!”

    Kathy Cox: Wow! What a wonderful job she’s done as edumacation sooperintendent. But, hey, she’s pro-life..let’s keep her in there FOREVER!

    Governor Perdue: “Gawlee! I’ll be pro-life and claim I’m a Republican just to win votes…but, I just won’t govern as one if that’s all right with you folks.”

    Wow! You pro-lifers have really given the world fine FINE examples of what Republican-led guvment is ALL about.

  39. drjay says:

    what a bizarre threadjack–maybe we can get a group to force mccain to take buzz brockway as his running mate–or at least give him instructions on how to make one…

  40. Icarus says:


    I’m not sure we can give McCain the Brockway assembly instructions. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and there’s a lot of beer drinking involved.

    I’m not sure we want our nominee drinking that much while he’s trying to campaign and assemble a cabinet.

  41. Bill Greene says:

    Buzz, any activity I’m involved in is to advance true conservative principles. There was a time when the leadership of the GOP understood what those principles were. But you know as well as I do that the grassroots of the party – the BASE of the party – has seen where the “leaders” have gone, and it isn’t down the path of conservatism.

    Years of pork, earmarks, compromise, overspending, bloated government, anti-constitutional actions, McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Feingold, McCain-Lieberman, McCain-Keating, McCain-Edwards, McCain-Kerry, McCain-Bayh, etc., etc… what else do you expect, except the results we’re now seeing in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Illinois?

    Our people were told for so many years, “Elect us and we’ll govern as conservatives!” So we busted our butts, and got them elected — and they governed like a bunch of drunken Democrats. And if you and I, and the rest of the base, don’t do something about that, we’re going to experience a bloodbath in November, with more to come.

    Lip service just won’t cut it any more, Buzz. I’m going to the RNC in order to do what people like you and I are *supposed* to have been doing all along — making our voices heard, the voice of the conservative base of the GOP. I recognize that people keep telling us over and over that the national convention isn’t the place to do that — that we’re supposed to just go there, drink some kool-aid (mixed with a LOT of Everclear, apparently), shut up, sit down, and do as we’re told.

    But that is NOT what national conventions are SUPPOSED to be for. If you’ll check your history books, the main purpose is for members of the Republican Party to come together, make their voices heard, hash out their differences, settle on nominees for President and Vice President, and if they don’t like the outcome, do what Barry Goldwater told his supporters to do in 1960: to “grow up,” that they had lost that round, and that they should pull together, go home, take over the party, and come together again in 1964 to adopt a truly conservative platform and nominate a true conservative for president. And that’s exactly what they did. “Let’s grow up conservatives!” he said. “If we want to take this Party back, and I think we can some day, let’s get to work.”

    Buzz, you talk as if grassroots conservatives want to take the GOP “over”. That’s where I think you — and some friends of yours — aren’t getting it. Grassroots conservatives want to take their party OVER — they want to take it BACK.

    You make me laugh with your comment that “there is unease at McCain’s pending nomination.” You and I — the people fighting in the trenches of the Republican party for decades — should be MORE than uneasy, especially when our “leaders” who, not long ago, were yelling very loudly about how awful John McCain is, are now trying their best to french-kiss his tooshie him every chance they get.

    I don’t want to see our party left on the dustbin of history. Our party used to be the party of limited government, low taxes, threadbare spending, and personal ethics. Now it’s the party of Medicare and No Child Left Behind, unconstitutional executive and congressional actions, trillion dollar deficits, philandering politicians, and worse.

    McCain IS going to win the Republican nomination. He sewed it up with this week’s primaries. So, we’re going to have a presidential nominee who thought of leaving the GOP in 2001, and considered running on John Kerry’s ticket in 2004. And I guess we get what we deserve — or at least, what the drive-by media and the “maverick” independents gave us in the front-loaded primaries.

    And knock off the crud about “If you can’t support him then perhaps you shouldn’t be going to the National Convention.” I wasn’t elected to go to the RNC and support John McCain for president. I was elected to go to the RNC and support Mike Huckabee for president, who won my district. I’m required BY LAW to do that, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I will abide by every rule, and every law, regarding the selection of delegates and how they should vote — which is a lot more than I can say for the people running this weekend’s state convention.

    Buzz, I know what’s going on behind the scenes. I don’t know how some folks think they are actually doing what they’re doing without others knowing about it, but others do. Maybe they’ll succeed, and I’ll be removed from my duly-elected slot. I hope, for the sake of all that’s still good and decent about our Party, that they don’t. But taking me out — or taking out the other people in the GA GOP, up and down the line, who also think like I do — isn’t going to change anything in the long run.

    We have more than a race to win, Buzz. We have a country — and all that it stands for — to preserve for future generations. Ronald Reagan believed that:


    Don’t you?

  42. John Konop says:

    Buzz Brockway

    I think a lot of the push back is the lack of accepting that a conservative can be against the current nation building strategy. You are usually very reasonable even when people disagree with you. My only point is the GOP will see the results of not opening the tent. I could be wrong and we will see in November.

  43. Bill Greene says:

    Yes, banned from Wikipedia – a badge I wear with honor. It’s like being banned from a meeting of the ACLU. Actually, the reasons would be the same.

    Are you ever going to address any real issues, Bill Simon, or just continue to try to bring other people down so that you can feel bigger?

    What a poor, sad little man you are. Pity him, all.

  44. Bill Simon says:


    Fortunately, the “perfect storm” of the Obama deluge doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this year. The higher those gas prices go, the less happy all the lefties will be about their leadership (sic) in the House and Senate….after all, they are in charge, and the price per gallon will have doubled since they took back control over Congress.

  45. Bill Greene says:

    Bill Simon,

    I’m going to type this slowly, so you can possibly understand it:

    read… from… the… top… of… the… page…

    note… how… often… you… are… wrong…

    get… a… friggin… clue…

  46. John Konop says:

    Bill Simon

    The polls show must Americans blame the GOP. It is tough politically when you have an oil man in the White House. Also the biggest price increase in oil is the falling dollar. And the 9 trillion dollar debt was under GOP watch which drove the dollar in the ground.

    The truth is we cannot afford the nation building strategy. That is why 33% of the GOP is against this policy and close to 100% of independents. That is why the GOP is in for a world of hurt.

    I am not saying the Dems have better solutions but the GOP brand has been destroyed by Bush and company for years!

    Also many other GOP supporters are disenfranchised about trade and immigration. This is a perfect storm for the Dems.

    I will say government does a little better when it is split between the parties. Bush never used a veto until the Dems came in and spending is getting a little better. The more gridlock the less likely they will spend my tax dollars.

  47. bowersville says:

    Simon, you are forgetting something.

    The lefties are happy with the Democratic Congressional rhetoric about the evils of BIG OIL. They don’t want to understand that the more oil that’s on the market, the less of a demand on available oil and vice verse.

    They will blame Bush and be appeased as if congress isn’t controlled by Democrats. The mind numb idiots.

  48. John Konop says:

    bowersville and Bill S


    Athens – A mere seven years ago, you could order an orange juice or milkshake at a cafe in the leafy Athens suburb where I live – and pay, at most, two bucks. No more. Like the three or more million Americans living abroad, many European and Middle Eastern users of Uncle Sam’s greenbacks have watched the cost of a single euro rise from 82 cents at the euro’s inception a decade ago to around $1.60, before easing a bit to around $1.55.

    …..Analysts at global investment bank Goldman Sachs say it’s the other way around: Oil price increases cause the dollar to fall. They argue that there’s a 95 percent correlation between the oil price and the dollar/euro rate over the past year. Since oil is still largely paid for in dollars, higher oil means a lower dollar……..


  49. Bill Simon says:

    MAYBE if the GOP will adopt Bill Greene’s strategy of declaring all of our candidates “pro-life, anti-gay marriage”, we will WIN in November!

  50. Bill Greene says:

    Bill Simon, once again, you’re shown to be an idiot. What in heaven’s name are you even talking about?

    Let me be clear: all of our candidates are NOT “pro-life, anti-gay marriage.” Especially at the top.

    Now, I can understand that those would be important issues for you, being a member of NARAL and the Log Cabin Republicans. But I haven’t said what you just claimed I said once in this whole discussion.

    What an idiot.

  51. Bill Simon says:


    It doesn’t matter what you claim in THIS discussion. You have a political track record. Do you remember running last year for Norwood’s seat? Do you recall that at all?

  52. Bill Simon says:

    Bill, 2

    Oh, and pulling the old “you’re gay, Bill” is demonstrative of just how BIG of a moron you are.

    But, hey, you just keep on demonstrating you’re a devout follower of…what deity do you believe in again? The image is lost on me due to your obsessions with me.

  53. Jimbo says:

    I was at the State Convention in Columbus. It was clear that Sue did not mean to compare Jesus to McCain. She quickly corrected herself when she realized what she had said.

    I did have issues with the way Randy Evans conducted the convention. There was an American Solutions resolution that clearly did not pass but Evans said it did. More than 75% expressed no but Randy said the ayes have it and passed it. He would not allow a standing vote . That is not the way the GOP should conduct meetings.

    Buzz, I remember when you were ran for State Party Vice Chairman last year . I was told by numerous people from Gwinnett that you did not like the Gwinnett GOP Chairman that suceeded you so you just dropped out of the Gwinnett GOP. You and your friends just formed a different group. You should not be dispensing advise about supporting the GOP nominee regardless as you don’t abide by that principle.

    As for Bill S, those gay rumors perist about you… On the attack again with vulgarities. The Cobb GOP must be so proud of you…

  54. John Konop says:

    The gay attacks on Bill S are way over the top. This goes back to the small tent GOP. I met with the head of the log Cabin GOP in Georgia at a GOP event and he was a very thoughtful guy.

    I had an honest conversation with him as a parent of some of my concerns about the feeling of the gay agenda being pushed at my kids. We had an honest friendly exchange.

    My family goes to a church which is lead by man who makes it clear we do not judge. I am lost by how some of you are so quick to judge and pick transgressions like off a menu at a restaurant for choosing who you attack.

  55. John Konop says:

    Buzz Brockway and I have not always agreed on issues or even the direction of the GOP via issues. I will say from my knowledge Buzz has never used this blog or the few times I talk to him while he was running for VC to attack Gwinnett GOP Chairman.

    The reason I supported Buzz, agree or disagree with him on issues, fairness is a core principal that comes across with my dealings with Buzz.

  56. voice of reason says:

    I was at the convention, too. There was one vote that was close (not more than 75% expressing “no” as stated by Jimbo – but I would agree it was close). Robert’s Rules of Order state that if you want a recount you call for “division”. I’m sorry the Ron Paul supporters were not versed in the way to handle large conventions – but Randy Evans was not going to let the convention be hijacked, as I know was the intention of the Ron Paul supports. He was not going to tip his hand and tell them how to take control. He simply followed the Robert’s Rules of Order. Next time those that want to “take over” need to do a little time studying up on how things are run first.

    Further, there were other votes that sounded likewise close, but when “division” was called and a standing vote was taken it was quite clear that it wasn’t close at all – just that the Ron Paul supports were ALOT louder than the rest of us.

    Finally, when you make personal attacks like “gay” and “sad little man” you lose credibility to your argument. Staying mature, calm, cool, and collected makes your side sound more reasonable. Just some words of advise for the future….

  57. And another thing “Jimbo.” There are a couple people in the Gwinnett GOP who do nothing but spread rumors meant to destroy others’ reputations (as you’ve so helpfully repeated) all the while proclaiming themselves to be good Christians.

    You’d do well to do a little fact finding before you believe and repeat what they tell you. You’ll find that almost everything they say is a lie.

  58. Jimbo says:

    Voice, you had to be deaf if you think it was close on that one resolution. I was sent a link to the video the Ron Paulers have on their web site. The first resolution supporting McCain passed by a wide margin.


    I am not, nor have I ever been a Ron Paul supporter. Many more activists other than Paul supporters are upset over the blow job Evans gave this resolution so don’t try to place the blame on Paul supporters.

    People were calling for a division of the house but Evans refused to recognize them and ignored them. He rushed it through very quickly and went on to the next resolution before people had a chance to make it to the microphone. He knew there were people objecting. Democracy and majority rule were thrown out the door on that one resolution.

    You blast Bill Greene but say nothing critical about Bill Simon’s remarks. His attacks even used vulgarity. I guess you think it is acceptible for one person but not another.

    Buzz, I am just going by what I was told and shown at the state convention in Gwinnett last year. Are you saying you did not drop out and continued to pay your membership dues and supported the Gwinnett GOP?

  59. Jimbo says:

    Buzz, you said,”but spread rumors meant to destroy others’ reputations “.

    You mean like Bill Simon?

    I will take your advise and investigate things further. One of the things I was shown were minutes of a meeting where you admitted to lying about forming another group or PAC or something like that. Was that a forged document?

  60. So I’ll be expecting a phone call or email from you as you pursue the truth. Perhaps when you call you’ll have the guts to use your real name. Good luck in your quest.

  61. Bill Simon says:

    Ahhh, the return of “Jimbo.” A person who can only support the pathological liars who were in the Cobb County GOP for 5 years (and HATES that the county party is now enjoying SO much success)

    Buzz, I believe “Jimbo” is none other than Frank Molesky…so, in case you ever wondered who Frank was, Jimbo here fits the profile precisely.

  62. Bill Greene says:

    voice of reason, “division” WAS called for. ALL OVER THE FREAKIN’ ROOM. Randy Evans knew what he was doing. He deliberately ignored the calls for division (his excuse? well, they weren’t done from the microphone, of course!), and quickly went to the next resolution. When his call was challenged (in accordance with RONR), he deemed the challenge “out of order” over and over — again, in direct contradiction to RONR.

    According to RONR, *no* further business should have proceeded until the challenge, and the call for division, was properly dealt with under the rules. In fact, if someone wanted to, they could challenge the results of anything that happened after that one resolution, since the remainder of the convention was out of order.

    And voice of reason, it’s pretty clear that the reason Randy Evans allowed a standing count for *later* calls for a vote was that *those* votes were *obviously* going to go his way. Then he could use this lame excuse of, “See, look how fair I’m being, and look, I was right after all!”

    It’s not right. 75% of the people at that convention know it. And now he’ll be remembered for that, instead of all the good things he’s done for our party over the years. And that’s a real shame.

  63. Bill Greene says:

    Buzz, none of that is true, is it? I mean, I consider you a friend, and so I refuse to believe it. But please let all of these other readers know that those charges are simply NOT TRUE — that you did NOT drop out of the Gwinnett GOP and stop paying your dues, and you and your friends did NOT just form a different group to counter the GGOP and our new chairman. That would be WRONG to do, and I refuse to believe you would do something like that. So just TELL these people it’s not true, and let’s move on.

    (Unless Bill Simon decides he wants to gnaw on it like an old boner and keep spreading his lies that he likes to call “rumors”.)

  64. Bill G.,

    I consider you a friend as well. You can’t speak truth to guys like Jimbo. I know, I’ve tried. He will continue to believe lies about me and nothing I say will change that. Life is too short for me to really care what the Jimbos of this world think.

    I did not drop out of the Gwinnett GOP. It is true that I haven’t been to many meetings lately, I haven’t paid my dues this year, and for the first time since 1997 I didn’t attend the State Convention.

    It is not because I’ve dropped out it’s because I’m following the advice of Dave Ramsey, working three jobs, cutting out all unnecessary expenses and getting out of debt. When I get back to working only one job and have my debts paid off I’ll be back.

    Of course these people were accusing me of dropping out last year when I was a dues paid member of the Gwinnett GOP. As I told Jimbo, these folks and the truth are strangers.

    As for forming another group, I’m on the board of the Lincoln Club of Georgia which is most certainly not in competition with the Gwinnett GOP but rather supports pro-business positions and candidates. It’s in line with GOP thinking but being unaffiliated with the GOP allows us to speak out on issues where the GOP strays as we did on the GREAT plan. Of course the haters say we’re trying to destroy the Gwinnett GOP but reasonable people who’ve checked out the facts know different.

    I hope this clears things up and I’m sure a reasonable fellow like you will understand. I have no expectation that Jimbo and the people who are feeding him lies will understand anything I’ve said.

  65. Jimbo says:

    Buzz, Bill Simon aluded to the fact that people were driven out of the Gwinnett GOP after the new chairman was elected and formed the Lincoln club. It in one of the threads here .

    Are you saying that you did pay your dues every year until this year? That could easily be checked out . I want to get to the truth as I will be very angry if I was misled.

    Was that official minutes forged that has you admitting you had lied to the GOP committee about the group/pac Watts fundraiser?

    I was told by several that after the new chairman was elected that you stopped attending meetings, breakfasts and stopped paying dues until last year when you decided to run for office. It was not just one person.

    I want to make sure everything is cleared up.

    I am not Frank Molesky

  66. Bill Greene says:

    Thank you Buzz, I appreciate the forthrightness. It’s true that you can’t speak truth to some people (Bill Simon comes to mind). I know, I’ve tried as well. Such people will continue to believe lies — or make them up themselves — and nothing said to them will change that.

    And while I like the philosophy that life is too short to really care what people like that in this world think, sometimes we have to confront them, expose their lies, and show everyone around that they are small, sad, pitiful little people. Again, Bill Simon comes to mind.

    Thanks again for your friendship and support over the years, Buzz. I know you’re someone I could count on to catch my back if anyone tried to stick a knife in it. 🙂

  67. Holly says:

    All of you, please stop!

    The truth is that even Ronald Reagan did things that weren’t “conservative.” And does no one remember that he brought the fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and defense conservatives together to make the party great?

    I think, by and large, there are some problems that all of the groups have with the party as it is today. But John Konop is correct that this thread is the epitome of the “small tent” mentality. I think Zell Miller once said something about the small tent shrinking to the size of a dunce hat. . .

    Here’s the thing: sure, we pick our guy in the primary. Our guy doesn’t win. We then have a choice: support the candidate chosen by the majority or vote for someone else (either Democratic or one of the third parties). But if we all take our balls and bats and go home, then there’s no chance of coalition-building.

    We’ve seen some major destruction happen with regards to fiscal conservative support. As a result, only THREE of 29 seats in New York are held by Republicans – and that could go even lower because of the Fossella scandal.

    This is what happens when one group of the party gets ignored. New Yorkers are not social conservatives, and most of them don’t like the war. But getting the fiscal conservatives back is going to take work and dedication on the part of those who don’t want to give up. Is it possible? Yes. Is the GOP dead? No. Remember how badly things looked in the 1970s? The Democrats held a 100 seat advantage in the House alone. And that was after Watergate. So yes, we can make the comeback, but we’re not going to do it by personally attacking each other!

    Granted, I’m known for being a sniper in campaigns. Why not? Primaries exist to choose the best candidate for the general election. Anyone who says otherwise is misinformed or just plain scared of me. (Heh, yeah, I’m definitely a rose WITH thorns.) But this is not a campaign! This is Republicans bickering and calling each other all sorts of names and throwing around all sorts of accusations. How is that useful?!

  68. voice of reason says:

    I second Holly!

    I’m not going to get into an argument about things, and I’m not going to take my toys and go home if my candidate(s) don’t win. I’m a proud republican, and I will continue to vote republican…

    I hope others will do the same…

  69. Bill Simon says:

    AND, Ronald Reagan had the balls to use his real name.

    Jimbo does not. He’s a whiny-assed wussy who claims to be a “conservative.”

    True “conservatives” demonstrate their colors with integrity.

  70. Bill Simon says:

    Bill Greene,

    I do owe you one apology. I have had it confirmed that Sue did make the comment regarding “going to the convention drunk” exactly as you said she did.

    My apologies. You are not a liar on that one item.

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