The Oconee Charter School

This is why charter schools are problematic.

Officials in the award-winning school system, who’ve never considered a charter school before, are assessing the financial impact the proposed school would have on district funding, said Assistant Superintendent Randy Morrison.

The school board inevitably gets wrapped up in calculating its lost dollars and cents instead of looking at the actual proposal. And it’s not even *their* money.


  1. ACConservative says:

    For having one of the best school systems in the state, there are a lot of problems with the Oconee BOE.

    They rarely consult with teacher or students when it comes to implementing new curriculum, especially in the AP programs. And they’re cycling through superintendents like no one’s business. Maybe this charter school will wake ’em up a little bit.

  2. Holly says:

    Oh, good grief, it took me longer than I’m willing to admit to realize this wasn’t more on the drama that has been the Lake Oconee Charter School.

    Seriously, though, good luck to Oconee County. Charter programs have been very beneficial to students who participate in Richmond County, and I’d love to see programs like those expanded.

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