Barr’s has a slush fund?

Live Apartment Fire has become one of my favorite blogs. Former WAGA reporter Doug Richards comments on local news coverage and more often than not I find it very interesting. Today he comments on this AJC article about Bob Barr’s PAC:

The AJC’s front-page story Sunday about Bob Barr’s PAC was a great read and months overdue. Barr has been using the PAC to finance his own career as a speaker and political pundit, but raising the money from donors by telling them they’re advancing conservative causes. The normally media-friendly Barr’s testy answers to the AJC said it all: “I will not be cross-examined” and “next question!” This issue will short-circuit his already-hopeless Libertarian presidential campaign.

Here’s the link to Richards’ post.


  1. People said Bob will be like Ross Perot to split the GOP ticket. I just think Barr is tired of being the fat girl at the prom and wants some press attention – that’s all.

  2. liberator says:

    McCain and Obama are flaming Liberals who are unqualified to be president. Elect Barr in 2008 and preserve Liberty!

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