More on Gross

This just arrived in my inbox. Apparently Keith Gross (D-Unknown) has been promoting himself as a RealtorTM. Problem is his license lapsed last November. There is now a complaint against him to the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

Interestingly, his original application for his license is dated 11/27/06 – which is pretty close to the 2 year state residency requirement for running for office.


  1. moocher says:

    You can be a licensed agent in multiple states. The driver’s license will, voter registration, and homestead (if he doesn’t rent) be more telling.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    If Keith Gross is 1 day away from the statutory requiremnt for residency, he may as well be 10 years.

    State Constitutional law is usually pretty specific. Unless…maybe there’s a leap year argument in there.

  3. moocher says:

    Somebody told me he’s also running for State Rep. in Florida, so he can double his chances of being a Rep.

    All joking aside, Jacobs seat is probably one of the Democrats’ best shots. It’s a 50/50 seat in a crap year for Republicans – and this is the best the Dems can come up with?

  4. TiredDem2008 says:

    All this shows is that Jacobs is nervous about Keith Gross. This is grasping at straws. I was in Keith’s house in Georgia 2 years ago. I’m sure his campaign will respond and throw his own punches (if its even needed this year) when voters are paying attention closer to the election.

  5. Will Hinton says:

    Let’s be real here….Jacobs is vulnerable in a year that Democrats should perform very well and in a district that is split 50/50. Yet the Democrats are essentially ceding this race by running a rank amateur. It is painfully obvious that Gross doesn’t have a clue about how to run this race. This is also evidence that the state Democrat party still has a ways to go on candidate recruitment.

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