GOP Convention Party

As far as I know there are no plans for a Peach Pundit gathering at the GOP State Convention. So we’ll all have to hang out at Mark Rountree’s party at the convention center.

Please join us this Friday night at the Republican State convention in Columbus for a Roundup, Hospitality Suite & Concert”

The event will begin at 9 PM following the Victory Dinner. The event is located in the North Hall, which is right next to the dinner ballroom. Even come early if you’re not at the dinner. This will be a great event — Bill Gentry and the 35 cent rodeo will performing:

Bill Gentry is the owner of “Wild Bills” in Duluth, which happens to be the single LARGEST country music concert hall in America (5,000 seat venue, 71,000 square feet). Bill is a fellow unabashed Republican and rising music star. He will be releasing his first national album late this year, which is currently being produced in Nashville. Learn about Bill and Wild Bills at


• Mark Rountree and the team at Landmark Communications
• Sam Olens, Chairman, Cobb County Commission
• Tom Oliver, Chairman, Hall County Commission
• Jason Harper, Chairman, Henry County Commission
• Lauren W. McDonald, candidate for Public Service Commission
• Elaine Boyer, County Commissioner DeKalb County District One
• Don Balfour, State Senator
• David Shafer, State Senator
• Seth Weathers,
• Mark Williams, &
• James Sibold, DeKalb County Republican Party Chairman

Everyone’s invited (even chrisishardcore)! I’ll see you in Columbus.

Mark Rountree


  1. drjay says:

    if i may mention it–i thought i saw that there is a houlihan’s right across the street from the convention center for those not going to the victory dinner or who just plan on drinking early and often…if its like the one in sav’h it would have a patio and such

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    It is actually across the street from the Trade Center which is where the dinner will be. I dont remember if it has a patio or not but it is very convenient.

  3. Tea Party says:

    From BEER I know:

    The Cannon Brew Pub is just up from the convention center, same side of main drag as Houlihans’. Great place, food and BEER.

    Seem to recall Houli’s has an patio toward the parking lot, too.

  4. Truthteller says:

    But Jack, why they seem to beat your candidates most of the time?

    Seems their mail might be working better than yours.


  5. John Konop says:


    Focus on the following bills! Washington will take a lot longer.

    The $500 bill featured a portrait of William McKinley
    The $1,000 bill featured a portrait of Grover Cleveland
    The $5,000 bill featured a portrait of James Madison
    The $10,000 bill featured a portrait of Salmon P. Chase
    The $100,000 bill featured a portrait of Woodrow Wilson

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